‘The Lady’ And The Tramp

‘The Lady’ And The Tramp

The Missouri misfit who helped bring down Burma’s future

Myanmar News Agency-AP . John Yettaw (second from left) shows Burmese authorities where he swam across manmade Inya Lake

By Tony Dokoupil | NEWSWEEK

For years, John Yettaw had experienced visions that warned him of events to come. Sometimes the Missouri resident ignored them and came to regret it. This time, though, he intended to act. In early 2009, the 53-year-old told friends and family that he had seen himself as a man sent by God to protect the life of a beloved foreign leader. He arranged for his kids to stay with a friend, borrowed money to buy a plane ticket and printed new business cards, as if launching a new life. He seemed calm at first, spending hours at the local Hardee’s, where he used the free Wi-Fi to download music—Gladys Knight, Michael Bublé—and Mormon sermons from Salt Lake City. But as his flight date approached, he also showed signs of nervousness. He broke down on the shoulder of his best friend, and didn’t sleep at all on his last night at home.

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Indonesia woos India, China over Suu Kyi

Indonesia woos India, China over Suu Kyi

Indonesia has sought support from Asian giants India and China to push reforms in military-ruled Myanmar, following the latest twist in the trial against its opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Both communist China and democratic India have kept backing Myanmar’s notorious junta with close economic ties in a time when the Western countries and international organizations have considered imposing more economic sanctions on Yangon, following a fresh round of trumped-up charges against the Nobel laureate.

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Obama and Asean: a new dawn?

Obama and Asean: a new dawn?

hillary clinton asia countries tour indonesia 190209 04In her testimony to Congress on her confirmation as Secretary of State in January this year, Hilary Clinton broached the idea of the United States as a “smart power”, and set out several guiding principles in achieving Washington’s foreign policy goals.

First, she would combine America’s economic and military strengths to entice, rather than coerce, other countries to work with the White House in resolving international issues.

In other words, diplomacy would take precedence over head-on confrontation under the Obama administration.

Secondly, US diplomacy would be based on pragmatism instead of abstract concept of national interests, which had caused serious loss of trust in the US by the global community when President Bush was in charge. Continue reading

Over 100 Iranian reformists arrested, reformer claims

Over 100 Iranian reformists arrested, reformer claims

Protests, and Allegations of Fraud: Police chase protesters in Tehran (left); Mousavi supporters gather  By Maziar Bahari | Newsweek

TEHRAN, June 14 – Over 100 reformists, including Mohammad Reza Khatami, the brother of former president Khatami, were arrested on Saturday night, leading reformist Mohammad Ali Abtahi told Reuters on Sunday.

“They were taken from their homes last night,” said former vice president Abtahi.

He said more arrests were expected.

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The European Union Special Envoy for Burma/Myanmar, Piero Fassino: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Should Be Released And Treated Properly

The European Union Special Envoy for Burma/Myanmar, Piero Fassino:

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Should Be Released And Treated Properly


  1. called on the Myanmar government to release from Insein
  2. the house arrest placed on the Nobel Peace Prize laureate be lifted
  3. and provide proper treatment
  4. and the prisoners of conscience be released
  5. The arrest and charge by Myanmar government is determined by the United Nations to have violated international and national law.
  6. Sso that a new phase based on dialogue among the military authorities, the democratic opposition and the ethnic communities can finally start
  7. and engage in an inclusive process of national reconciliation, which is essential for setting Myanmar on a genuine path to stability and prosperity and initiate a new phase in the development of the country.
    The European Union Special Envoy for Burma/Myanmar, Piero Fassino has called on the Myanmar government to release and provide proper treatment on the leader of the National League of Democracy in the country, Aung San Suu Kyi.

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Primus inter pares or the first among equals, or first among peers

Primus inter pares or the first among equals, or first among peers

Primus inter pares (Latin), the first among equals, or first among peers is a phrase which indicates that a person is the most senior of a group of people sharing the same rank or office.[1]

When not used in reference to a specific title, it may indicate that the person so described is technically equal, but looked upon as an authority of special importance by their peers. In some cases it may also be used to indicate that while the person described appears to be an equal, they actually are the group’s unofficial or hidden leader.

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Don’t worry too much about the potential motility or massive widespread death due to influenza A (H1N1)

Don’t worry too much about the potential motility

or massive widespread death due to influenza A (H1N1)

Despite a current concern and speculation about the number of deaths in the yet to be experienced first influenza pandemic of the 21st century we can reassure ourselves that even during the most devastating outbreak of any infectious disease, including the Black Death of the middle ages, namely the 1918 pandemic of influenza A (H1N1) the mortality was less than 1% and most people who were infected survived and probably half the population was infected sub clinically. Continue reading

H1N1 Flu Resource Centre, The Lancet


Free content library

We have searched the thousands of journals published by Elsevier for content relevant to the current outbreak of influenza A H1N1. Papers have been chosen for their bearing on pandemic preparedness and for clinical relevance. We have grouped papers by topic, although you will find some papers in more than one topic area. By providing these articles, we intend to give in-depth coverage of the prevention, detection, and management of influenza A H1N1.

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Influenza A (H1N1) Precautions taken on flights during Pandemic

Influenza A (H1N1) Precautions taken on flights during Pandemic

The biggest fear for many, when travelling in these pandemic times, is to be cooped up in the close confines of an airplane cabin.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) director of Operations Datuk Tajuden Abu Bakar gives the assurance that Malaysia Airlines is taking all the necessary steps to ensure passengers’ safety.

“The health and well-being of passengers and employees is our top priority,” he says, stressing that MAS is abiding by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) advisory on the Influenza A (H1N1) following its declaration of the Level Six alert on Thursday.

MAS CEO Datuk Seri Idris Jala reiterated the importance of staying calm amid the pandemic warning of the A (H1N1) virus.

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To travel or not to travel during Influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic?

To travel or not to travel during Influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic?

  1. For most of us, this is our first experience with a pandemic. Hence, the many questions on holiday and travel plans. Should we risk travelling under such circumstances? Sunday Star seeks the advice of the experts to answer some of these queries.
  2. IT seems like such a wonderful opportunity – cheap airline tickets to distant destinations and lower fuel surcharge!
  3. Despite this, family and friends are advising against holidays and unnecessary travel because the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the influenza A (H1N1) a pandemic.
  4. While the more cautious ones have delayed their holiday plans and are even willing to lose their deposits with the travel agents, many are keeping to their travel plans made months ago. And there are some who are gleefully taking advantage of the low fares and hope the situation remains that way for a few more months.
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To Google, Bing or WolframAlpha?

 To Google, Bing or WolframAlpha?

Go to Google HomeIt is difficult to imagine life without the Internet these days.

From instant football scores and the latest celebrity gossip to online shopping and music downloads, these are all available with a few clicks of the mouse.

With the breadth of content on the Net, search engines are essential to narrowing down one’s choices.

But search engines have come a long way since Yahoo’s dominance nearly a decade ago. The players have changed (and disappeared) over the years and now Google is the current king of the hill.

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Tentative attempt of a revenge attack by a Xenophobic?

Tentative  attempt of a revenge attack by a Xenophobic?

Abuse in land of milk and honey

Malaysia is paying a heavy price for allowing the huge influx of both legal and illegal workers as reflected by the sensational reports in the Indonesian media.


My parents need domestic help to keep the home clean and also to care for them but they are reluctant – they have heard too many horror stories of Indonesian maids.

A neighbour complained that her maid regularly pinched her mother, with enough bruises to show, while another grumbled of thefts committed by the maid in the home.

This is enough for my old folks to distrust maids, even though they know that domestic help would make their lives easier. There are many like my parents’ neighbours.

As for Malaysian employers, many have to put up with dishonest workers from Indo­nesia besides dealing with countless cases of serious crimes committed by them.

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Corruption and competitiveness cannot co-exist

Corruption and competitiveness cannot co-exist

MALAYSIA is replete with laws. You name them, and we have them. What we do not have, we produce them instantly, well, almost, in our Barisan Nasional dominated parliament where MPs are not encouraged to study and discuss bills being tabled too carefully.

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Improving the Government Offices’ Delivery System by cutting Red Tapes and preventing Corruption

 Improving the Government Offices’ Delivery System

by cutting Red Tapes and preventing Corruption

My 3 comments published in Malaysian Insider_

written by Dr Zafar Shah, June 14, 2009

Red tape and toll gates managed by ‘Little Napoleons’ everywhere
It is apparent that the government machineries are being held back by a profusion of rulings and regulations amounting to multiple red tapes, where application of ‘grease’ may be the only answer for the ordinary citizens.
Multiple Red Tapes used to lead to forming Toll gates by Corrupt Government officers/politicians/ local and central military/police/authorities.

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