Oo nit, Oo niversity, Swine flu and translation of English into Bahasa Malaysia, my comments written in bad English

Oo nit, Oo niversity, Swine flu and translation of English into Bahasa Malaysia, my comments written in bad English

My letter is published by Malaysian Insider as a comment here_

Adequate frontliners to cope with H1N1 – Liow

Dear YAB Tun Dr M, please use your power to stop the Malaysia Education System from engaging the reverse gear in teaching English

YAB Tun, you had wisely said that although there will be translations and translators; we could not wait all the time for someone to translate all the things for us. Especially in emergencies, where time is the matter of life and death.

Tun Dr M would be shocked to know some real cases of late translations even in critical areas as teaching of Medical Courses. (After all that is happening the best Medical University in Malaysia, UM.)

All the doctors and Medical Students around the world know that in almost all the branches of Medicine, new discoveries are made frequently. So, many Medical text books are frequently revised or edited every 2-3 years. Even in a poor country like Myanmar, lecturers and Medical students tried to get the latest textbooks by any means, i.e. even by illegal photocopying if they could not get the enough supply of original books.  This is especially true in Physiology and biochemistry. Even if a student insists to read and learn a one edition old text book he could be outdated and could fail the examination.

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Toothless paper tiger Ibrahim Gambari should threaten SPDC Generals with possible ICC charges

 Toothless paper tiger Ibrahim Gambari

should threaten SPDC Generals with possible ICC charges

if they refused the terms and conditions imposed by UN

ibrahim gambari.jpgaung-san-suu-kyi.pngYANGON – UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari arrived in Myanmar to prepare for a visit by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon against the backdrop of the ongoing trial of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

During his two-day trip Gambari is set to meet senior figures from the ruling junta but there were no immediate plans to see Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi or members of her political party, Myanmar officials said.

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Lisa Marie Presley: my late husband Michael knew he would go like my late father Elvis

Lisa Marie Presley:

my late husband Michael knew

he would go like my late father Elvis

mj2.pngmj.pngLOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson’s first wife, Lisa Marie Presley has sensationally told how her former husband feared he would die like her dad Elvis Presley.

In a moving MySpace blog, she recalled his grim prediction – made 14 years ago during a “deep conversation” about life.

Lisa Marie, 41 – who was wed to Jackson for less than two years in the mid 90s – wrote: “He may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my father’s death. At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and stated with an almost calm certainty, ‘I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did’.

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We cannot get the message across by blowing our own trumpet!

We cannot get the message across by blowing our own trumpet!

1.     PUBLIC relations has become the buzzword at government agencies but for them, it means organising roadshows, what to put into goodie bags and how many T-shirts to print. They should be turning to the “letters to the editors” pages and addressing the people’s complaints.

2.     Are people in the service allowed to show their potential? Their enthusiasm is cut short by superiors who are more comfortable with the old way of doing things.

3.     But civil servants must have the confidence to act on their own without waiting for clearance from the top over simple matters.

4.     The other question is how many bosses like yourself will allow their subordinates to be empowered, proactive and think for themselves without (the bosses) feeling threatened.

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FORUM-ASIA: Release the 14 asylum seekers now and Abolish whipping in Malaysia!


Release the 14 asylum seekers now

and Abolish whipping in Malaysia!

BANGKOK – The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) denounces the continued detention of 14 Burmese refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia for celebrating Aung San Suu Kyi’s birthday on 19 June 2009.   

A team of 30 police officers arrested 16 Burmese who were peacefully celebrating the event, among them, nine are registered with the United Nations of High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR). Two, both registered with UNHCR, were released later but the rest remain detained until today.

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Excellent lessons on race relations

 Excellent lessons on race relations

» Lesson 1.

You can openly criticise the shortcomings or failings of your own country and still be patriotic.

During his talks, Aneez criticised the British system, especially its past actions but he also gave credit when it was due such as

  • the improved race relations in Britain today
  • and the introduction of legislation to deal with negative discrimination.

He made it clear he was grateful for Britain which allowed him to stay (and to become a citizen) after he and his family were expelled from Uganda in 1973.

The British High Commissioner, Boyd McCleary, remarked that he had no problem with Aneez’s criticisms about British society. The envoy even praised the “quality” of Aneez’s comments and his passion for helping people who were socially disadvantaged.

This is a sign of maturity of how we in Malaysia should learn to handle discord. We should not be too sensitive and averse to criticisms and we should also avoid labelling people as “unpatriotic” just because they express valid criticisms or grouses.

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NOTE: T.Q. Ko Tun Aung for this song.

Your love for Michael Jackson and the whole word could be seen in your dedication/tribute to him.

TQ again Ko Tun Aung.


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