Manohara: No, I don’t love the prince

Manohara: No, I don’t love the prince

manohara odelia pinot malaysiakini interview 290609 05She may still be a teen but Manohara Odelia Pinot is clearly mature beyond her years. Married at the aged of 17, the French Indonesian claimed to have been  kidnapped and abused by her 31-year-old royal husband.

Having made a dramatic escape last month, Manohara has since shot to fame in Indonesia and was offered the starring role in a soap opera by Jakarta film production house Sinemart.

VIDEO l 14 mins

Last week, she took time out in between shoots at a studio in private television channel RCTI and to talk to Malaysiakini.

The following is the first of a two-part interview.

Malaysiakini: Why did you marry him ?

Daisy with daughters Manohara and DewiManohara: Well, the whole marriage process was complicated. It was not what you would call a “usual marriage”. Initially, I met him as a normal friend. We met at a dinner party, he did not even introduce himself to me.

(Later) it was just a kind of thing where you drop by … and we go to have dinner, not just us but together with our friends.

One day in August 2008, he called us up and said: “Why don’t you guys come down to KL, I’ll introduce you to my parents.” So I was like, “Sure why not? I can go visit Kelantan as well, it would be a nice experience”.

So when we arrived – we were there for a couple of days – I met his parents and they said the mufti said on the 26th, the prince and I had to get married, and I laughed because I thought that it was a joke.

So we went to Kelantan just to look around, suddenly I was asked by his mother whether I was ready for the marriage on 26th. I told her I cannot do that – I did not agree to the marriage, my father did not agree, and I did not think my mother would agree to it.

manohara odelia pinot malaysiakini interview 290609 04“I have a family in Indonesia, and you have to do this properly. I am not going to marry the prince just like that.” And then the Raja said: “Look, we have already sent out all the invitations, we have already set up a venue, if you do not do this, it will be a huge embarrassment for the whole royal family.”

Frankly speaking – and this may sound a bit rude – I did not care what they had done to prepare for the wedding ceremony. So I still rejected the marriage.

Then on the wedding day – it was four o’clock in the morning – they told me that they were going to get beheaded if I did not agree to the marriage. And they said that I could go back to Jakarta and they could do this in a proper way and I could take as much time I wanted to get used to this marriage.

Then the wedding ceremony went on and I (hoped to go) back to Jakarta.

I heard that the two of you argued the moment you began your honeymoon?

It was not the moment we started our honeymoon … it was the moment I went into the car to go back home. I asked him: “Tomorrow, what time am I going back to Indonesia?” He answered: “I never said this.” That was the first argument between us. Then I started thinking: “Oh my God, what did I get myself into?”

Read all in Maran Perianen in Malaysiakini (need subscription)

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