Killing fields of ABSDF under Dr Naing Aung and Dr Aung Naing

Killing fields of ABSDF under

Dr Naing Aung and Dr Aung Naing


The Forgotten Justice under the shadow of the curse

Dear other bloggers, editors and publishers,

                I hope some of you could remember the following true story occurred during 1990/1995 at the ABSDF, upper Burma student rebel camp, in the Burma’s Kachin State, near the China border. There were some 40 anti-government activists, unjustly tortured and sadly killed by fellow activists. I was one of them and this could be called as the memoirs of a student revolutionary.

Please kindly read to taste some selected pages of my chronicle and if you wish to publish this teaser, please feel free to do so.

I would like to discuss the future publisher who would be interested to publish the full book. I wrote it into a story form rather than as a plain diary to attract the reader’s attention and for easier and pleasurable reading.

As some of you may be experienced authors and may be the experts in Burma politics, I hope any one of you would be interested to edit the whole book and find a publisher for me. We could discuss about the terms and conditions if you are interested.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

 SMAR Nyi Nyi


The Forgotten Justice under the shadow of the curse

By SMAR                                     


There is nobody in the left of us, from there; the whole camp can be seen. There is a cassette tape recorder recording from the very beginning.

Aung Naing sits there first and starts the conversation with the reporter.

First, Yin Dee takes some group photos of us. Then introduce one after another with Yin Dee.

After that, her first question is “were you tortured during the interrogation?”

I answered, “Now, we are in good shape.”

“No, I just mean, were you tortured during the interrogation?”

“Student army provides us proper medical attention.”

“Were you tortured?” She raises her voice.

“If injury is bad, they provide us intensive care.”

She is staring at me and I wink to the cassette tape recorder and look her back with appeal.

(Please don’t corner me, know by yourself)

But, unexpectedly, Aung Naing saves the situation. “Yes, we beat them, whipped, kicked and everything. When it was needed, we apply electric shock and everything. They are very stubborn and cunning. If we did not do like that they would never speak.”

Yin Dee seems to know the situation very well and her interest on the matter is running.


M 2

Well, stand in the snow outside; don’t move we are just the spectators of the Myo Win’s horsing around show.

Soon after that Than Zaw rings to Myo Win. Myo Win has to go to the telephone table and listen to it.

What? Not disappeared, healed.

Well, you have to perform alluding to the order whether it is disappeared or healed, get it good.

We are puzzled with the words. But we slightly know that KIA informed student army to bring back Sow Win Than because he is cured, But Ta Yote Kyi, answerer of the KIA’s call, acknowledged heal as flee. So he informed it to Than Zaw. Than Zaw brought it to Myo Win.

We are familiar with death for long times. In the beginning, all of us have been facing death as a closed neighbor and we have luckily escaped it.

So, we are like undertakers, thinking of death as daily occupation. Undertaker thinks of the death as work and we think of the death of other as we survived. We take death from the other end. When you think of the survival at that time breeze, music, love, beauty and everything cannot come into your mind. Even kind, sympathy and considerate are the poisons for all of us. But, you have to note here is, there is different between survival and fighting back together.



No reply from him.

Ten minutes after, everybody in the house can hear the foot steps outside the house. Incident follows the sound two armed soldiers come into the house from the front door and at the same time. La Sai and Kyaw Htin Oo from the back door.

La Sai and Kyaw Htin Oo approach Khin Mg Soe from the left and right at the presence of all of us. Kyaw Htin Oo push pointed Khin Mg Soe’s back of the head with recently hire gun. At the mean time, La Sai hand cuffs him in the back. It is as easy as a bird-catch to the personal staff officer of the chairman in the chairman’s house at the presence of chairman.

Khin Mg Soe is beaten badly and driven out of the house.

“Explain it to me”, I demand.

Htun Aung Kyaw replies, “I green lighted it”.

No, you are lying. You mean that you also green lighted them to swindle a hand-gun from a chairman.

Cho Gyi butts in between us.

Hey, chairman, this time, you are not insulted, but you are fucked.

Now, now, I order all of you to have proper courtesy while you are speaking with chairman. Oh, I reach here today and I have to obey the order from my chairman friend. Well, I have a formal argument with you.

Explain me about the situation that is no guard in your house. Next thing is more special. I want to bring back the case of Khin Mg Soe. No. No, please don’t tell me that you green lighted. You know nothing till it occurred. If you knew everything before hand, it was no need for them.


After a moment, Nyi Nyi Kyaw askes Theik Htun Oo to arrange tea for all of us.

As Theik Htun Oo leaves, Nyi Nyi Kyaw says, I have tried several times chairman about this detaining business but he reasoning has never paid proper attention. He even forced me not to continue at the last time.

Now, it is up to you to reason your friend. I don’t want it to be overheard by others. That’s why I sent Theik Htun Oo out.

At the mean time, we are informed that Khin Mg Soe had expired during the interrogation. It is told that Khin Mg Soe was very stubborn and chooses to die instead of confessing.

We all agree on a thing that Khin Mg Soe was accused but not confessed yet. Therefore his body is still eligible to have a burial procedure according to ABSDF rules and regulations and Islamic rule.

Htun Aung Kyaw replies that it is already finished.

What? It would be putting in a pit and fill back the soil.

Isn’t that enough?

Good enough for dogs and cats.

I go out of the house desperately.

Am I wrong of coming here?

Aung Min followed me and whispering me about the same old thing, “Nyi Nyi, do something in time, we cannot reason…”



He accepts my reasoning and he cannot make trouble for us. I am not sure he is angry or fed up with the situation.

Then he starts another way.

Hey Aung Min, why are you smiling?

No, sir, not at all.

Anger of Hla Myo Aung does not burst out but his blood monger and unkind mind burst out.

Then, you look for the gun. Do you want to grab the?

No, Sir. I dare not. And it is impossible since I am in the stock.

Oh, I see if you are not in the stock you will do.

No, Sir, I don’t mean it.

He beats him with a cane stick for several times.

You do mean it. You do mean it.

Now, wait, I will come back.

He leaves us in the lock up and goes to his barrack. Hey, Aung Min, don’t explain, don’t reason, ask him to forgive and apologize to him. That’s all you have to do. Yes, brother.

He comes back with a self made Nun Chut Ku, kung fu folding stick, land horsing around in front of us walking to and fro. He also gives speech, insipid speech. He tells us to be honest, to be simple, and to be sincere. Not to think ingratitude things to student army.

While he is speaking, he beats Aung Min with that folding stick in his back.



Currency, so they are the rich guys among the ordinary guys. San Htun and Let Thee are coming with some crook idea.

Ta Yote Kyi, can you spend some money on liquor?

What is your idea?

If you spend on liquor, I will arrange for meat. May be 75 tickles.

Se Thu buts in, 75 tickles is well enough for two bottles of vodka.


Yes, made in China vodka.

Well, I will go and get the meat. Arrange for the bottle.

Sure, sure.

They two go down and come back up in no time.

“Meat is fresh” Ta Yote Kyi says.

Yes, good steak.

Se Thu fries all the meat.

Well, good shot-eat.

Nyi Nyi, why don’t you eat some?

What meat is this?

You can have. It is hog deer.

Who shoot it? I have not heard the sound today.

While I am looking carefully, meat is a little queer. No, meat is normal, but blood vessel is rather big and it appears to be the wind pipe in the fried lung of beef.

I ask them again, “what meat is this?”

Hog, hog. Hogging around here for nothing.

It is from hogging Zaw Win Chit.

But it is clean; we cut the chunk from thigh.


Enough! Enough. This is revolution.

What do you mean by enough?

Do you mean that homicide is legal here?

In the name of revolution?

No, no, I don’t mean it. I will explain you everything when this thing is over.

Than Chaung promised it to me.

What? By your words, it proves that you know nothing about present circumstances.

I trust my fellow comrades.

Well, what about us?

Not the fellow comrades? Not trust worthy?

Please, don’t corner me.

I am fed up with all of you.

Htun Aung Kyaw goes back into the house. Everybody keeps quiet in one’s own day dreaming. There are not less than twenty killings in the name of revolution.

When we, Cho Gyi and I were in Mandalay, We send the ultimatum not to kill Khin Cho Oo and Nan Aung Htway Kyi. We would not work for ABSDF anymore if you continue killing each other. At that time, Myo Win sent letter of explanation to us and gave us the addresses of two ladies. Anyhow, they stop that business but now these two ladies are detained again.

U Ye Wa Da, chairman of the monk union also sent argumentation letter to them.

I have no idea that way NLD or some other group said nothing about it, not even Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.


So it is pity that there are only 350 patriot ABSDF members in whole upper Burma. Don’t put like that, I don’t mean it.

Yes, you do mean it, but you daren’t confess.

You must not speak like that. Everybody has the right to choose one’s own way. Even me, when I feel fed-up with the situation, I have the right to go back on my own will.

No, how can it be?

Why not?

Because, I say no. you’ve got it?

I even cannot speak a single word.

I am hurt deep inside my heart and I promise myself to demand official explanation after revolution.

All of us keep quiet.

We spend the day without doing something.

Nyi Nyi Kyaw and Ye Lin come to me after meal before noon. They ask me to go to KIA camp. Where?

To Daw Khin Nyo’s house, we can have tea there.

Then, let’s go.

She was once an ABSDF member and now she married to the PSO of KIA chief of staff, Captain Hkun Naw. She was in detaining list but KIA chief of staff saved her.

When we are about to go Theik Htun Oo and other fellow accompany us. That new comer is from Myo Thit, Baman and his name is Ko Htun. He was once a red Shan levy, these levies were together with BSPP and against KIA.



At that time, Myo Win comes to the prison. At FIR I don’t know it because I am blindfolded but Than Zaw removes my blindfold and open my handcuff. Then my two hands are put in front and tied again and tied to the post.

Hey, kalar, don’t play yada yada, I only remove thumb cuff because of V.C.S order.

Thank you, thank you and thank to V.C.S.

Now I am relieved from that awkward position. Thank you again. I will pay back for it sometimes.

I only know later that from that time on, my mental status is poisoned. I start to feel allergic to it with the symptom of fear and humble. For suffering that allergic I am more humble and fear cultivate inside by itself. That condition brings mild treatment from the guards and my inner self prefer mild treatment, I am humble and try to be humble for the future.

Again, I feel pain in my whole body and I feel pity for myself. That is another effect of poison. I am crying inside the heart and self pities progress in my mental function.

Will you shed tears for me?

When somebody calls me, I reply in very submissive manner and reply…

No, sir, I don’t feel like eating something



Ask permission from Dr Naing Aung, chairman of the ABSDF (H.Q) to release Bo Bo, Wa Na Zaw and Nyi Nyi Aung. But, if I.C.R.C comes in the meantime, they will release everybody.

They listened and made no argument and sign the paper.

After that, we discuss ourselves about our situation and what we shall do with it.

They are not seemed to be slackening their stands.

Another thing is C.S and V.C.S avoid us. And they speak too much about ABSDF (H.Q) and Dr Naing Aung. It seems that Dr. Naing Aung is here.

Yes, this guy tries to be big and taking the responsibilities of the killing. I doubt it that he really knows what he is doing. With his prawn brain, he is the chairman of ABSDF (H.Q.).

Mg Mg, don’t left behind NLD (LA). They are one step ahead of Naing Aung. They live together in a camp.

So I think we’d better bargain something out. If we can compromise, we can gain something. Then, with three young guys, they are a little bit soft. So, we will ask Bo Bo, Wa Na Zaw and Nyi Nyi Aung back. They are young and according to their words, they are not the officers.

While they are waiting for the tall order we will wait here. We even will accept if only one is released.

On 2nd of April, the responsibilities of student army, Aung Naingm Aung Gyi m Ne Dun, Thet Tun and Than Zaw arrange a meeting with seven guys. The Japanese reporter and parents are also invited.




I wink and learn the situation.

Two guys are beside Htun Aung Kyaw and other three are beside us.

Sit up sit up. Put your hands on the head, both of you.

Htun Aung Kyaw, comes down from the bed.

As he steps down, he is kicked in the face.

The distinct thing in the dark is the cry of Htun Aung Kyaw. Than Zaw asks to step down on Cho Gyi. He obeys the orders and several cries appear just after obeying the order.

Now, my term comes. “Nyi Nyi! Come down”.

But I cannot go down the bed straight away because I have just come from the town recently and there are so many booties left at me.

First, Than Zaw takes my Seiko 5 brand wrist watch and field jacket. Thet Lin takes my walking shoes and socks.

After that taking over, I put my both hands at the back of the head and squat as others in front of the house.

I can see Cho Gyi bleeding in the head. Myo Win comes up to us and speaks to me. “Hey Nyi Nyi, haven’t I told you that I am tiger, not a deer”.

“Yes, but I cannot understand the entire things”.

“Hey, kalar shut up. Do you want to die?” Than Zaw threatens me.

Oh, this is the first racial abuse I have received since I have reached this camp.



Than Chang and Myo Win do not take the action for these words. Htun Aung Kyaw tries to thin down our anger, ABSDF members from Moe Nhyin, Moe Kaung and Numma are spreading these words more than before.

Oh, we are thin skinned.

Something very bad will be happened soon.

Ye Lin, Nyi Nyi Kyaw and all of the guys from Mandalay agree on the matter that situation is bad except our chairman he fails to accept it.

Now our ABSDF is like a patient suffering from cancer. All of the interior organs are eaten up. And it is rotten.

Yes, many were executed. Many more fled in to town back. What about the remainders? We can classify them into three groups.

Hunters are in first group. Hunted guys are in second group and the rest are the spectators.

The other day, I had met Khin Shwe Hlaing near lecture hall. She knows me very well. When she and her friend were chased by the MIs in Mandalay, I hid them in my house and arranged their route to join ABSDF. I tried to make a discussion about the present situation and killings.

I could not believe my ears that she snorted out the reply and said, “that is none of my business.’

I asked her back, “then, what your business was?”

Well, I truly trust C.S Than Chaung.

He is sincere and he can never be wrong.”



I am thinking about the physical appearance and inner form. No, not exactly like this. I’ll try to put it in another way. Yes, hardware and software.

If you have learned something, the essence of the learned situated in your inner self is software. Certificate or acknowledgement or anything that indicate your skill is just hardware. Same method of thinking can apply to doctors, engineers and everything not excluding politicians.

So long as the software and hardware are matched each others, it is okay. When software is better than its hardware, it is not much of a trouble for that person. Only that fellow is too perfect to his occupation. But when hardware superiors to its software, it is finish. It is like money drawing a car or a donkey ruling the forest.

Almost all of the dictators in the past were socks. But their hardware was so great and big to be dictators.

Now, what do you think of our CEC members? What about every fucking body!

We are at the wrong play ground at the wrong time. If we try to score now, we would be like Escobar of Columbia.

Well, just Yada Yada and be fucked together.

ya·da ya·da


or yad·da yad·da \ˈyä-də-ˈyä-də\ or yada yada yada or yadda yadda yadda \-ˈyä-də\




alteration of earlier yatata idle chatter, probably ultimately from British dialect and argot yatter-yatter to chatter, of imitative origin



: boring or empty talk <listening to a lot of yada yada about the economy> —often used interjectionally especially in recounting words regarded as too dull or predictable to be worth repeating

The Yada Yada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


“The Yada Yada” is the 153rd episode of the American NBC sitcom Seinfeld. The 19th episode of the 8th season, it aired on April 24, 1997. George’s girlfriend is big on using the phrase “yada yada ya…



And the other end of the line is put on the beam.

Guards taunted the end and hook poked in the ear. Zaw Win Chit tip toed to reduce the pressure. The guards taunted further and hook went into the deeper inside. Zaw Win Chit cried loudly, “kill me, kill me. You are blood thirsty, kill me now”, like that kind of crying, he was punished badly and expired of injury sustained.

These guys are very bad; Yan Shin was also killed cold bloodedly. Yan Shin went to ABGF India camp and brought Than Chae from there to work in ABSDF. When they reached Phar Khant area back from India, Yan Shin and another guy from Mandalay were beheaded.

What did Than Chae say with it?

He kept on blind eyes?

Well, if he has certain responsibilities with it, he has to answer at the ICC.

Now, he is here and what did he say about the present circumstance?

I am afraid that he is a little too busy at present.

What did he do?


You mean it?

No, no. I really don’t know whether he is tomcatting or not. But he is busy in courting Khin Shwe Hlaing.

Good show, veteran and leftover story.

Anyhow, he cannot be clean by keeping. Blind eyes and guilty of encouraging Myo Win and Than Chaung.

Sure thing.

When the work is finished. We are a little busy but it is worth working.



But please don’t sing here. I don’t want to listen. I want to sleep. I don’t want to speak. Don’t let him sleep make him awake.

No, no just a moment. Even the lion sleeps likes an eagle. Sure, fishing is the naughty fame. No, fish cannot see the hook. Then, it is a trick. It is not a fair game. Why don’t you like lucky strike? I prefer non-filter. Yes, tomorrow is possible. Yes, we will escape. No, no, I don’t want to bathe. It is cold.

Oh, Zaw Zaw Min stands beside me with griming smile. He holds the empty bucket and I am wet in the sitting position.

I still do not know the situation well.

But, the sure thing is the pain. The pain is felt all over my body. It is stinging in my fore head and in the temples. I cannot focus and cannot see distinctly.

Today, I am feeling a little better. Yes, I’ve just thought, maybe, because I have already thought to the end. They came to me and labeled me to be the major Mg Mg Cho of military intelligent service Mandalay. My cousin brother Htun Aung Kyaw is the major of the same department.

What a fool they are? My name in the national registration card is Aung Than. When I attended the mission school in Mandalay, my name is was Freedy. Cho Gyi is the nick name called by relatives. Now they give a new name.



I am not exaggerating with the matter. I will give you a fine sketch on this subject. It is concerning with late Pyae Soe Naing and Khin Cho Oo.

Pyae Soe Naing was tortured during the interrogation. No, no, not tortured during the interrogation. It was beating out, torturing out the confession. His last words were “I don’t want to disgust ABSDF.”

After those words he got shock and fainted and expired straight away.

Pyae Soe Naing expired without being confessed. For that, they were not satisfied with the situation. So they brought in Khin Cho Oo and made her sit beside the body next, made her to hug the corpse and cry. They took the video record of it. It was happening in the middle if CEC members, intelligent staffs and some female staffs including Ju Ju, Taint Swe and Tin San Oo. Khin Cho Oo was forced to perform indecent act orally to the secret part of the dead body.

Have you ever heard of this kind in practice? It was really inhumane. There were still further insult and defamation. They propagate that detained agents are like dogs. They show Khin Cho Oo as an example that she did unthinkable act voluntarily with fellow spy’s dead body.



Head 1, 2, 3, 4, and blood flown down on the face. Yan Aung shows no sign of pain and stares back Myo Win in his face.

28, 29,30,31,32

Myo Win stops. He seems to be shock with the will and resistant mind of Yan Aung. He shouts, swears and kicks him and goes out of war office.

Can you explain me who is brave and who is coward. Is brave a physical reaction or mental reaction? Where does it transform from physical to mental? Where is the border line?

I have forgotten to inform you that during the interrogation, four inch nail was drive home into the anus of Pyae Sow Naing and apply 220 v electric shocks. Still sympathic toABSDF?

As for me I never resist them physically. I have never asked extra treatment. I have already enough.

I learned that Crusification will come to us tomorrow. Let’s wait and prepare for it with a good sleep. Good sleep is a good pain killer. I even started to feel good taste in the pain.

Okey, let’s see what NLD (LA) and opposition leaders do.




Two brave ladies were tied on the cross. Whipped all over body even on the face and molested verbally.

This incident is the master plan stage show. This is neither an incident nor an accident. This thing happened according to the plan, according to plan, according to an intelligent procedure. I have enough facts to draw a good explanation.

Beside these two ladies, there are three more ladies among the detainees. They are Nan Saw, Thin Thin Nyi and Tue Tue. All of the detainees know well that Thin Thin Nyi would be released soon. The guards confessed that they are not allowed to beat Thin Thin Nyi because she will be released soon. They just want to show others and take safety channel for the future with the file of Thin Thin Nyi. She will be beaten only five moderate slashes.

Early in the morning after meal, Htun Aung Kyaw and me are brought to the uphill to be crucified. Two crosses are ten feet parted each other. There are some detainee arrived there to witness how accused are dealt.

At that time, Myo Win askes all of us to discuss the matter. Nobody knows what to speak and what to discuss except Khin Mg Zaw and Moe Gyi.

Moe Gyi and Khin Mg Zaw speak one by one that we are the government spies and in order to save our lives. We have to be hone with ABSDF and the revolution.



They would slacken you a bit. If not, they will beat you to the death. These guys are manic for these words. When they hear these words they satisfied and if not, their anger turns to be madness.

But Zaw Zaw Min laughs aloud and take out four inch nails from the pocket of his jackets and….

Mg Htway, go down and take hammer. Mg Htway comes back and Zaw Zaw Min drives down nails each onto cross bar through Htun Aung Kyaw’s both palms.

Pain and cry. Cry and pain are not strangers for the detainees. These two things come to us without warning. Somebody among us who has no pain or no cry would only be a traitor such as Moe Gyi and Khin Mg Zaw. They betray us knowingly for their betterment. Myo Zaw and Win Myint would not be left out.

Even the glorious chairman Aung Naing; I will bet that he knows that everybody in this war office is not the government agents.

This Aung Naing surely will sell his mother in order for the safety for himself.

Khin Mg Zaw and Moe Gyi have spoken the words cause chaos among ignorant and uninformative students. They both confessed to be coming here in order to destroy ABSDF and pointed every detainee to be accomplice of them. That is enough. Enough for them.


During demonetization demonstration, I was able to mix up with the leaders and I informed everything to the military authorities. They have satisfied with my work and I was promoted.

What was your rank then?

I was a sergeant and promoted to be the second lieutenant.

Oh, jump promotion!

(What the hell, I am very careless, maybe, it is because of the pain, can’t help, jump promoted myself)

I have already told you that I am being satisfied. Have you ever been in a battle field?

No, not a single time. It is not my business.

Then, what did you do?

I was in the upgrading section.

What’s that? Upgrading section?

It is more politic than military. We were upgraded there, in that section.

There were several columns what are these?

Language columns: Such as, Chinese, Thai, Hindi, English, Russian, Commercial and Politics.

I was a tutor of English department.

Yes, yes, that’s why your English is good.

Where did you learn English?

A captain in our department.

Who sent you here?

Captain Myint Oo of MI 1, Mandalay.

When I was about to sent here, I was promoted as lieutenant.

Captain Myint Oo is the chief of MI 1, Mandalay.


Friend of my youngest brother at medical school two years junior to my brother. When his parents disowned him because of the pressure of the government, he was not well and stayed a day at my house. My brother even gave him some medical treatment.

Myo Win and Aung Naing go out with big smiles. When you are coming here, was there any special course?

Yes, we, 13 attendants, my role number is 6.

(I am the number six among my brothers and sister.)

Name the attendants.

Tin Mg, Tin Mg Nyunt , Tin Soe, Chit Hpo, Chit Phae, Hla Shwe, Ye Myint, Myo Lwin, Khin Mg Myint and remaining persons . For them I don’t remember the names.

Okey, okey, no need to tell all 13 names.

(These names are the names of the head of the families living in Taung Sin Kyone Mosque compound, Mandalay)

How do you send data to MI 1?

(What? I have already confessed that I am a lieutenant of that MI 1. And is there special method needed to bring my information into my office?)

Regularly, I send once a week.

There is a certain man called Nyi Me, who owns a car spare parts store near Muslim caretaker service building, is the dispatch runner.

(He is the friend of my brother)

In emergency case, what do you do?

Myo Lwin, lives at the corner of  29th. x 93 th. Streets, is for emergency.

Don’t you think of radio transmitter, telephone?



I will give you the chance.

Now, you don’t have to give gun and poison straight away.

What you need is confess and promise me to give later.

If not you will die.

Please, cs, I am not a spy.

Several hits come to me on my whole body.

Well, son of the bitch asks for more.

Myo Win brings in big pieces of tarred board.

Oh, I am the only one to care for my life. I am not such a hero to die in this place. It is hot. Yes, hotter than hot.

I cannot bear anymore.

Stop. Stop it.

I will tell everything.

Ok, you confess that you are a major.

Yes, yes.

Now, untie him.

Arrange to send him back to war office.

You have learned a lot.

If you had confessed earlier. You would not have hurt. And you even could be like Khin Mg Zaw.

I cannot hear any more. I feel pain over my whole body and I am hurt both physically and mentally.

They bring all of us back to war office.



During the interrogation, I explain them about my situation and swear that I am a genuine student and nothing concerning with army but the trouble was they have already labeled us to be majors.

I just feel sorry for all of the detainees. I really feel sorry. They believe, trust and even rely on us, especially for Htun Aung Kyaw. Now, we cannot help even ourselves. We cannot resist the torture and confessed ourselves to be our hated enemies.

Those confessions would bring further torture among the detainees and it will bring further confession till to the devastation of ABSDF.

This is the most sure thing. Later, there will be a Red Shan Army in the place of ABSDF.

I have no idea that how many students would be tortured as the consequence of my confession. These guys were coming here to be taking part in revolution, not to be tortured and beheaded.

But, now, it is too late.

Later, some medic team comes to attend my injuries. Yes, I see some of them around Htun Aung Kyaw.

Dressing my injury is so pain as before when I received that injury. I also feel pain in my heart. They cannot apply ointments on my heart.

At the mean time, I hear cry of the pain from Htun Aung Kyaw, but I cannot pay attention.



All of the guards laugh on his words but not the detainees.

Everybody in the camp can hear the loud cry of Aah Site. Later some female medical staff come and attends the wounded ankle. But not properly. They give him Gentamycin injection.

Now I am drawing a picture of the real happening to the world. That is, the so called democracy loving students are torturing fellow democracy loving students and elder democracy loving politicians and spectators are keeping blind eyes on the matter. Everybody in this game is the democracy loving revolutionists.

Here are killings in the name of precious democracy, torturing in the name of precious democracy.

Concerning with the crime, one who commit the crime, he had to commit further crime in order to hide or cover the previous one.

At that time he had to commit more crime in order to challenge the opposition to shut the mouths. I am giving you the detail mental progression of ABSDF (NB)


They want to leave some. But they scare to leave some of us. The main thing is they don’t want some of us to go back to town. They seem not to know how to finish this play. They know their selves that they have gone too far. But they cannot stop now and they dare not kill all nor leave some to be due out their crimes.

Moe Gyi and Khin Mg Zaw play major role in this place. They can make the ordinary students to believe the story, and in early days they even can cheat some detainees. For these two mother fuckers’ confessions. They can pretend their killing to be legal and can prove of making no mistake while uncovering the spy ring.

Because of them, newly appointed Chairman Aung Naing claims that,

“If we do a single mistake in detaining and killing a single man, we will climb up to the gallows with our own will, without any legal examination”.

Later it becomes to be the everyday ritual of ABSDF (NB).

I will explain you why they are reciting this ritual well, when somebody was haunted by self for his false activity of the day time concerning with a single detainee. He would get up from the bed and drink a cup of water and did not go back to sleep again. So early in the morning, he would during some two or three pegs of grog. At about 10, he was drunk and the nightmare was still haunting him.


 (83) A

Today is the very remarkable day for me. Guards arrange free fighting matches between detainees. Detainees are told to fight each other properly. Some kick and hit each other badly. It is pity to see that they still can hit each other. Bad, really bad.

At my term, Hla Myo Aung is watching the match carefully. Myo Zaw brings in Cho Gyi and Win Myint calls me to come into the field. Cho Gyi was once my instructor while I was playing karate. He played three batch senior to me in Haikari karate club.

At university, we were the classmates majoring in Chemistry. In the political field we were working together and now we are being detained together.

He is sick and unwell. How can I hurt him? We are facing each other.

Cho Gyi tells me to kick and hurt him but my soul and pride do not allow me to act so.

How can it be? How can I hurt sick old friend? Especially for an old instructor who taught you basic karate and ninja moves 15 years ago.

Stop stop it is enough.

Sir, this kalar is useless.

Yes, useless kalar. Myo Zaw agrees with Win Myint and hit me in the face for not fighting properly.

This time. This hit does hurt me but I am pleased with the hit.

We go to bed early to night and we have to sing longer than before. In my dream I sing “ King Archer”, a Burmese song of Khin One.

The main theme of the song is encouraging to the unjustly failed person.



Well, CS , I want to request you something now.

He listens to me enthusiastically and says, what, what can I do for you?

May be he thinks of getting the fish in the hook.

Yes, I want to take one more charoot when I go back.

Sure, sure, I also will tell them to allow you to smoke.

(hey, Than Chaung , we were caught in the first time at your cunning behavior . But there will be no next time when my term comes. Do stay as now and don’t cry then.)

That kind of experience was happened between Thein Htun and Dr Naing Aung told to Thein Htun that he knew him very well that Thein Htun could not be a spy. At that time, Thein Htun explained him about the actual circumstances. And introduced himself that he is the cousin of the minster of government in exile. Dr Thaung Htun. At that point Naing Aung burst out with anger and not to mention and degrade the name of minister. Thein Htun was beaten by Naing Aung. He was beaten with whip, baton and beaten in everywhere. He even ordered the intelligent squad to punish Thein Htun and the lying mouth with electric shock. Now, bring my Nyi Nyi to his place. “Nyi Nyi, you are since as far as you can. I am very glad to hear your word”. Well, sincerity gives the longer life.

Allah, I only know now that my recent conversation decides my future.


It also may bring further accusation because they surely will cont the fled as an indirect confession.

Everybody agree on that point and agree to live till the ship sinks.

        During the so called discussion Aaa Site is in bad shape. We can see maggots crawling in the wound of his angle. He is sitting next to Htun Aung Kyaw. Htun Aung Kyaw picks a small piece of bamboo stick and removes maggots from his wound. Everybody here is injured but we are the specials. I have burnt injury in my bowel; Htun Aung Kyaw in the back of left knee, Kyaw Wai has only one palm and only a big toe and Aung Phoe only a palm.

       After some time, “I” staffs are coming in and beating Nyi Nyi Kyaw in the head again and again. Later, Zaw Zaw Min asks, where is the communication machine? At that time other “I” staffs beat to one’s nearest detainee.

Where is the gun?

Where is the poison?

At this time Aah Site cries because of the pain. He is beaten badly by Than Chaung. He coughs in the cry and discharges phlegm from the nose. Phlegm is so sticky and it stuck in his hand. So he takes a bamboo stick to clean it.

No, mother fucker. Don’t clean it. Eat it back, now, swallow it.

What can he do? He has to obey in order to avoid the punishment.



They are still blood thirsty. I don’t know what kind of cruel things will occur after this event. I am not an optimistic but I can smell the rat and something serious will be happening soon.

          It is psycho. Now, they cannot control their evil mind all of the intelligent fellows of ABSDF worship this kind of cruel act and envy the man who performed it. They worship him as a brave determinism.

Then young guys imitate him the acts of elders.

      When Than Chaung and Myo Min turn out to be extreme, every “I” staffs and guards appear to be extreme. This is contiguous.

      I will give you a good example.

First, Dr Naing Aung is nothing concerning with Red Shan’s business. He is just a spectator. But his friend Aung Naing Oo does something to be worsened. Aung Naing Oo visited to Kyaw Naing Oo, a detainee, and said, “ I am surprised to meet you as an army officer here.”

     Kyaw Naing Oo replied, “I am also surprised you to speak such words even you had hidden yourself in my house for months.”

         For the reply, Aung Naing Oo went out but I am not sure he knows the proper meaning. But among ABSDF members they cont that Aung Naing Oo accepts Kyaw Naing Oo as a spy.

        Even at that time, Dr Naing Aung stayed neutral in our game. But later he envied to Than Chaung, Myo Win and thinks to copy it.


Aung Phoe, what an idiot you are. If you kept silence, this would not have happened to you. Cho Gyi, can’t I be like Aah Site?

They are blood thirsty.

If it was not me, somebody would have been cut. But I am already a crippled. They surely will kill me. That’s why I made it. I don’t want another friend to be cut his limbs anymore. I was an unlucky person and I want to save lucky ones not to be unlucky.

They are coming back.

This time is the tern of Nyi Nyi Kyaw.

Where are machines and guns?

No, I won’t answer now.

You bustard, get it.

Nyi Nyi Kyaw cries but still speak back no.

What privilege will you give me if I answer now? If I answer now, you will surely kill me straight away. So I only will answer when V.C.S comes back.

No, no, it hurts me, well beat me and I will not speak to you and I will inform V.C.S about your behavior. You are not asking the gun, you are killing me.

When Nyi Nyi Kyaw speaks that word Than Zaw and Zaw Zaw Min stop beating him straight away they have learned. That would be likes some valuable witness is killed in the police station by mafia. They scare the anger and accusation of Myo Win.

Well, well, try to heal your wound now.


At the meal, we need to sit 4 in a group. Htun Aung Kyaw sticks here and there and at last he sits together with us. In our groups, Htun Aung Kyaw, Wana Zaw, me and it is only 3 men group.

When we start eating, Htun Aung Kyaw bows and pretend to eat the rice. He just speaks to me hey. Nyi Nyi, Cho Gyi and me would be killed soon.

Why? It is impossible. I don’t mean Cho Gyi, but you are popular among town students and they would not kill you.

Please, don’t speak the words to soften me down.

I know the situation and I only have a little time.

Now, please listen, don’t speak back.

According to their words, they won’t kill you.

Please unearth the crime. I also want our name to be dignified back.

Promise me to do it.

You are not the lone wolf from Mandalay.

They cannot defame you like this. But I promise to revenge them and save your names back. I also want you to take the responsible for my young comrades. I believe that you will do it.

Sure, sure.

He is tired even with the speaking.

What can I do? What should I do?

Wana Zaw is listening to our words silently.

At last, he apologizes me for not listening to my advice at the past. Nyi Nyi, next thing is try your best to dismantle ABSDF by any means. They will be worse than Burmese army.

How can I do such a thing?

If there is a revolt, you can.



Htun Aung Kyaw, Cho Gyi, Kyaw Wai and Zaw Htun are shivering in the drizzle and wind of February. In this region, temperature is below zero degrees centigrade at night. They four have no rain coat not heavy coat at all. Actually none of them is wearing decent clothing. None has even had the boots or shoes. They are just wearing worn out slippers.

       Than Chaung, Myo Win and gang have brought the every necessary things. They even have some extras. They have solid bamboo sticks, hand guns, autos, daggers and everything.

Well, you are the elders and you must take responsibilities.

Where is the poison?

The (communication) machines?

The weapons?

At the meantime, Ohn Khaing is brought to the site with his two hands tied at the back and under the barrel of the gun tip. Two armed guards are in stance for everything.

Ohn Khaing is puzzled and does not understand the situation.

Myo Win: “Now, Ohn Khaing is here, now tell us about the machines.”

“Hey , Cho Gyi, I am asking you.”


Ohn Khaing: “What ? V.C.S. I know nothing. Cho Gyi, you must solve your own headache. I have nothing to do with it. Don’t put me in the trouble.”

Cho Gyi: Hey, “Htun Aung Kyaw, you are the leader, solve the problem by yourself. As for you guys, we are hurt. It is enough. We speak this and that because of the pain and for that, other young guys are in trouble. I don’t want anybody to be hurt by my words. So, kill us if you think that these crimes will be hidden forever.”

As soon as Cho Gyi finishes his words, Myo Win and ThanChaung burst their anger out and hit every detainee with bamboo sticks.

“Now, wait, wait”, says Than Chaung.

“Htun Aung Kyaw, your brother says that you are the leader. So tell us something what we want to hear”.

Htun Aung Kyaw replies in stable manner with flat tone as if he was already prepared to get killed.

“Well, sure thing is you want to kill us. Do it. But release the rest and carry on with the revolution. Don’t fuck up the revolution.”

Cho Gyi butts in into the conversation, “Hey brother guy, don’t tone down with (DSC06252) them, nobody dies twice.”

“Hey, Than Chaung, Myo Win. You two will kill each other eventually. Wait the steps.

You, son of bitches.”

“No, no, Myo Win , Don’t kill him now”.

“Wait till our day.”

“Then, I will kill one of his guys.”

Zaw Htun is dragged to the brim of the pit and his head is push down at the position to be beheaded.

You mother fuckers; you all know that all of us are not spies.

All of us are true revolutionist. You will be…..

Kyaw Wai cannot continue anymore. Myo Win advances a step and chops down the head of Kyaw Wai from the neck. Head drops and roles affront and rest on the ear. It is like butchering a cow.

Collapsed body lies on the ground and blood pumping out from the open throat.

Kyaw Wai had big eyes and now these two seem to be bigger and wide open as if these are still looking direct to Myo Win and Than Chaing.

Zaw Htun is now totally neglected and he also withdraws himself from the brim when the shock of beheading took place.


The first to move are the intelligent guys. Yes, they drag the dead body from the foot and drop into the pit.

Myo Win is now conscious again and kicks the head-ball into the pit desperately.

Everybody keeps quiet.

Than Chaung breaks the silent situation with the question, “Now, what do you want to say, Cho Gyi?”

“Saves that question for Myo Win when you witness the same fate.”

Before Than Chaung can mention something, Myo Win shows his anger.

“Draw out your hand.”

“Draw out your hand.”

Cho Gyi neglects the order and for that he is beaten badly by the guards.

“Draw out now!”

As Cho Gyi stretches out his left hand, Myo Win chops the wrist with his sword.

The hand drops down from the wrist and blood flowing out form both ends.

Myo Win pokes the hand with the pointed tip of sword and lift it.


Htun Aung Kyaw, bite it from the opening.

“Now, swallow the blood.”

“Fuck, do not spit.”

“If you spit, I will chop your neck.”

“Now, bring everybody back to prison.”

“Send Cho Gyi to the clinic.”

“I don’t want him to die because of blood lost.”

“I am desirous to chop each head down.”

“Now, Go.”

Please read this article_ Aung Naing had admitted to the executions and killings of young ABSDF students in the book, “All Wars Are Dirty” by PHIL THORNTON

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  1. It is disgusting that nobody make a comment on this issue.
    What is NLD(LA) ?
    Just neglect the crime in the name of revolution. Good!
    You all will be neglecting in the future, of the “fellow patriotic” men’s misconduct and country selling activities.
    Why didn’t anybody ask for the investigation on the case of minister U Win Ko . He was killed purposely.
    Than Chaung and Aung Naing arranged it.
    Dr Naing Aung and Aung Htoo openly declared that they took full responsibility on the killing in ABSDF(NB).
    It is no joke that 15 students were beheaded on UNION DAY.
    Do you think that is coincident?
    I can’t believe the fact that_ all the anti-government opposition groups could keep their blind eyes on this serial fellony.

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