Burmese people also need ‘traitors’ from Myanmar SPDC and Tatmadaw

Burmese people also need ‘traitors’  from Myanmar SPDC and Tatmadaw

When the oppressed are backed into a corner like a wild animal, don’t ever let your guard down. It is in such situations that encourage retaliation. Unjust kings or governments invite retaliation. This has been proven in history. Now Utusan Malaysia thinks non-Malays want more than freedom and justice?

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Street protests: It’s all your fault, gov’t told

The umbrella body for trade unions today threw its weight behind street demonstrations by stating that the government was never interested in any forms of feedbacks given by the civil societies.

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BBC:Chinese migrants in Algiers clash

About 100 local residents and Chinese migrant workers have clashed in the Algerian capital, some brandishing knives and rods, reports say.

Ten Chinese migrants were injured and two Chinese shops looted, Reuters reported, citing a Chinese diplomat.


Congratulations Mr Bill Clinton, please may you kindly try once more for Burma

Congratulations Mr Bill Clinton, please may you kindly try once more for Burma

Dear Mr Clinton,

                                    Congratulations for the success in North Korean Mission.

Please may you kindly try once more like this in Burma?

As you know Burmese Generals are actually anxious of their future if they allow democracy group to take power.

You could break the ice if you could guarantee_

  1. their absolute immunity,
  2. citizenships in the country of their choice for their whole families
  3. and few dozens of USD millions in tax free to each top leaders as the special gift, for their personal use without strings but not for the country’s development funds.

Please read this news on 24th. September 2009_

Clinton wants to engage diplomatically with Burma in Malaysiakini. If you cannot read the whole story because you are not a subscriber, read here_

Clinton wants to engage diplomatically with Burma in San Oo Aung Blog


Bill Clinton’s ‘rock star status’ delivers in North Korea

The former president succeeded in securing the release of two American journalists partly because he brought Pyongyang the prestige it craves.

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