AP:Myanmar migrants stuck in Malaysia detention camps

In this photo taken on Thursday, July 23, 2009, an immigration department guard un-cuffs detainees at the Lenggeng detention center, south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The choice is a tough one _ face the possibility of being sold by an unscrupulous agent or linger in an overcrowded detention center. As Malaysia is cracking down on human trafficking _ following a critical U.S. government report _ the well-intentioned steps are hurting some they are supposed to help. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

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Becareful if Your Name Is Khan, Islamophobic USA would be watching you

Becareful if Your Name Is Khan, Islamophobic USA would be watching you

NEW DELHI, Aug 17 — Bollywood’s reigning male star Shah Rukh Khan’s most recent movie is called My Name Is Khan.

It details the travails of a moderate Muslim whose life has been affected by the changes in the mindset of freewheeling Americans since they suffered the terrorist strikes of Sept11, 2001.

Three days ago, as he flew into Newark airport en route to Chicago for an Indian Independence Day celebration, Khan got a taste of that experience more real than perhaps even his considerable acting skills could have conjured up.

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Don’t cast the first stone

Don’t cast the first stone

Comment: Actually those ex-Malaysian Chinese had already renounced the Malaysian citizenships. But Malaysian government still take care of them. I hope our Myanmar government would care more for its citizens. You see the two ex-DGMEs had discriminated me even in field of furthering my medical education just because I am a MUSLIM. I know the government could revenge me for this. What to do? if I keep my mouth shut, no one will know. Now if they dare to sue me, sue me in the International Court or neutral court but I would refuse to face the court in Myanmar as the judges are…. w all know.

Although they called me KALA just because I am a Muslim, I have Pakistan and Burmese blood. Yes I am a mixed blooded person. All SO CALLED PURE BURMESE BUDDHISTS are also desendents of Pyu IIndian Hindu Pyu  plus Pyu descended from Tibet/China, Kanyan and Thet. And the other bloods as Japanese, British, Portuguese and Chinese bloods are conveniently ignored.)

The first DGME had Chinese blood and second DGME was half Punjabi, so calling me mixed blood is not racial, it clearly based on religion.

So Muslims in Myanmar clearly discriminated because we are Muslims! It was not racial but Religious Discriminations only.

I REFER to Senior Citizen’s letter “Deport unruly foreigners” (The Star, Aug 14). The writer is worried about foreigners damaging our image at large through their street demonstrations and many unlawful incidents.

He clearly distinguishes these foreigners as Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Middle East Arabs, Africans, Myanmars, Koreans and Iranians. It is a very clear-cut distinction between “them” and “us”.

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