Don’t cast the first stone

Don’t cast the first stone

Comment: Actually those ex-Malaysian Chinese had already renounced the Malaysian citizenships. But Malaysian government still take care of them. I hope our Myanmar government would care more for its citizens. You see the two ex-DGMEs had discriminated me even in field of furthering my medical education just because I am a MUSLIM. I know the government could revenge me for this. What to do? if I keep my mouth shut, no one will know. Now if they dare to sue me, sue me in the International Court or neutral court but I would refuse to face the court in Myanmar as the judges are…. w all know.

Although they called me KALA just because I am a Muslim, I have Pakistan and Burmese blood. Yes I am a mixed blooded person. All SO CALLED PURE BURMESE BUDDHISTS are also desendents of Pyu IIndian Hindu Pyu  plus Pyu descended from Tibet/China, Kanyan and Thet. And the other bloods as Japanese, British, Portuguese and Chinese bloods are conveniently ignored.)

The first DGME had Chinese blood and second DGME was half Punjabi, so calling me mixed blood is not racial, it clearly based on religion.

So Muslims in Myanmar clearly discriminated because we are Muslims! It was not racial but Religious Discriminations only.

I REFER to Senior Citizen’s letter “Deport unruly foreigners” (The Star, Aug 14). The writer is worried about foreigners damaging our image at large through their street demonstrations and many unlawful incidents.

He clearly distinguishes these foreigners as Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Middle East Arabs, Africans, Myanmars, Koreans and Iranians. It is a very clear-cut distinction between “them” and “us”.


If these foreigners are so specifically singled out, how could they have tarnished the image of Malaysia when they are not Malaysians?

I would actually suggest that our Malaysian image will actually be tarnished if we collectively as Malaysians have not felt for their injustices and grievances and have not been sympathetic to their plights.

Not that many weeks ago, a group of Malaysians marched in London over their British Overseas Citizenships (BOC) in London. Along with them there were Anglo-Saxon protesters from a group called Citizens of London, who had no self-interest and had nothing to gain from helping to fight for the rights of these Malaysians.

Yet they did not see the action of our Malaysian brothers and sisters as tarnishing Britain’s image.

They instead had the compassion and understanding for the plights of the Malaysians and welcomed them with open arms by helping with their struggle to become full British citizens.

This London street demonstration clearly reveals that the writer’s comment that “street demonstration does not fit into our culture” is untrue. A street demonstration, if not suppressed, is a way to counteract injustices and address social issues.

In Britain and Australia, street demonstrations are allowed for everyone including foreigners (except the terrorist groups). Their international image and prestige have not been damaged. Instead it has been enhanced because they reveal what they stand for on human rights, political correctness and justice.

Please do not cast the first stone by making allegation that foreigners might even start hurling stones. It is a presumption of guilt.

The writer’s comment “Everywhere one can see foreigners freely moving around like they are in their own countries” actually sums up his attitude. Basically, his attitude is racist. Our Malaysian citizenship is purely an accident of birth, just like that of a Bangladeshi, a Briton or a Norwegian. Have mercy on everyone.

CH’NG CHIN YEOW, Penang. Don’t cast the first stone, The Star online


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    It is necessary for everyone in Malaysia contemplating a comment on any subject in a tinderbox dry and volatile politicaal social landscape to try a little introspection and humour:

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