Healthy people with swine flu do not need Tamiflu, says WHO

LONDON, Aug 22 — Healthy people who catch swine flu need not be given Tamiflu, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced. The advice appears to contradict the UK’s policy of making the antiviral drug readily available to those who call the national pandemic helpline or approach their GPs.

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Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 may have spread in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Aug 22 — Resistance to Tamiflu has been detected in a patient in Singapore who was down with the pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) bug. Similar cases have also emerged in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Canada, the United States and Denmark.

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AFP:40 years on, US officer says sorry for My Lai massacre

After more than 40 years the former US army officer found guilty of involvement in the massacre of women and children in the Vietnamese village of My Lai during the war has made a public apology.

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1. I gave a talk after I was conferred an honorary degree by the International Medical University. I directed a major part of my talk to the new graduates.

2. I explained that medicine is not just a profession, a qualification for earning a good income. It is a vocation, a calling which involves dedication to the job of healing the sick and caring for them.