RockMelt what? Will it start another browser war?

TECH UPDATE AS if there’s not enough Web browsers to pass around, the latest revelation that a new one is in the works is enough to set the Web rumour mill in motion.

Citing unnamed sources, the New York Times reported that Marc Andreessen, who once introduced the free Netscape browser to millions of users in October 1994, is investing in a new web browser called RockMelt. In no time, the rumour and innuendo started to fly.


The Straits Times:Rehab hell in China

BEIJING, Aug 23 — Some students were hanging sheets of paper from a window that read SOS. Others used the Chinese characters for “da ren” — meaning beating.

It was not something anyone would expect to see at a summer camp. But it was the scene that startled reporters from the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper when they visited an Internet rehabilitation camp in Guangzhou.

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The Irrawaddy:Yettaw Says Guards Let Him Enter Suu Kyi Compound

John Yettaw, the American man who made international headlines after he swam to the lakeside home of detained Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in May, said in an interview published on Friday that guards did nothing to prevent him from entering her compound.


How to Recognise Propaganda Warfare techniques

How to Recognise Propaganda

in Elections and Marketing

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Bombshell report on CIA interrogations is leaked

Bombshell report on CIA interrogations is leaked

WASHINGTON, Aug 23 — CIA interrogators threatened a captured al Qaeda leader with a power drill and a pistol in what was described as a mock execution, according to a long-suppressed report due to be released tomorrow.

Details of the report by the spy agency’s inspector general have emerged in the Washington Post and Newsweek. The full findings on the CIA’s interrogation programme are to be made public after a federal judge upheld an appeal from the American Civil Liberties Union for their release.

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Faith rites boost brains, even for atheists

Faith rites boost brains, even for atheists

Buddhist monks and Catholic nuns boost their brain power through meditation and prayer, but even atheists can enjoy the mental benefits that believers derive from faith, according to a popular neuroscience author.

The key, Andrew Newberg argues in his new book “How God Changes Your Brain”, lies in the concentrating and calming effects that meditation or intense prayer have inside our heads.

Brain scanners show that intense meditation alters our gray matter, strengthening regions that focus the mind and foster compassion while calming those linked to fear and anger.

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Obama Sends Video Greetings for Ramadan


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