H1N1 Hits Ramadan Gatherings

CAIRO, Muslims marked the start of the fasting month of Ramadan on August 23 , but the global H1N1 pandemic has put a damper on religious festivities throughout the Middle East.

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AFP:Pentagon profiling Afghan embed journalists

The Pentagon has hired a private firm to investigate reporters seeking to embed with US troops in Afghanistan in order to find out how best to influence their coverage, a report said Wednesday.

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AFP:CIA prisoners faced chilling interrogation methods

The first detailed picture of how so-called high value detainees spent their days inside secret Central Intelligence Agency-run prisons overseas has emerged in dozens of previously classified documents released this week. And the picture is chilling.

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Reuters:Taiwan, challenging China, to let Dalai Lama visit

Taiwan, which turned away the Dalai Lama last year on fears of upsetting China, has approved a visit by the Tibetan spiritual leader next week to comfort victims of a deadly typhoon, the government said today.

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CNN:Is it right to drop a fasting footballer?

(CNN) — Portuguese football coach Jose Mourinho, ever the headline creator, has caused further outcry this week after he substituted Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari from his Inter Milan during their Italian Serie A clash with Bari.


Why Burmese Muslims and Rohingyas are denied of Fast-track IC Campaigns?

Why Burmese Muslims and Rohingyas are denied

of Fast-track IC Campaigns

like Projek Pedalaman (Interior Division IC Project) ?

Comments:  Why Burmese Muslims and Rohingyas are denied or left out of the Fast-track IC Campaigns like Projek Pedalaman (Interior Division IC Project), “M” project, or refused the privileges enjoyed by other foreigners like Bosnians, Acehnese, Philippines, Thai Muslims and Indonesians? Even YAB Datuk Sri Najib was reported to have declared, while he was a DPM, that the government is ready to even accept the illegal immigrant’s children as a Malaysian citizen, if they could become Medical Doctors. But our children doctors even need to wait exactly 12 years again to just get the citizenship application forms from the date of their Red IC approval.

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No H1N1 vaccines before mid-October, US CDC predicts

No H1N1 vaccines before mid-October, US CDC predicts

827_fluWASHINGTON, Aug 27 — Scientific advisers to President Barack Obama may have asked the government to speed up the availability of swine flu vaccines, but they are unlikely to be ready before October, the new head of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday.

And imperfect tests for the pandemic H1N1 virus means it will be impossible to get precise numbers on how many people are infected, said Dr. Thomas Frieden.

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