Requests to Pak Lah, the IKIM chairman

Requests to Pak Lah, the IKIM chairman

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 28 — Former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been appointed chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Islamic Understanding (Ikim) effective Sept 1.

Abdullah, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Studies from Universiti Malaya, will replace Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid who has decided to step down.

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True governance according to Islam

True governance according to Islam

Let us look at what Islam says on governance.

Imam Ghazali, an outstanding scholar on Islam, eloquently says the following regarding governance of a nation: “Remember, if Allah makes the end shine for you in the light of His grace, you will abandon yourself utterly to Allah and devote your entire energy to His service by adhering to the principles of justice and equity”.
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Reuters:Myanmar residents flee into China after new fighting

BEIJING, Aug 28 — Fresh fighting has erupted between Myanmar government forces and an armed ethnic group in the remote northeast, forcing an exodus of residents into neighbouring China, state media said.

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