Madonna makes Jesus cry

Madonna makes Jesus cry

madonna-2.jpgMADONNA made her 22-year-old model boyfriend Jesus Luz cry when she refused to wear jewellery he bought her for her 51st birthday.

Brazilian hunk Jesus Luz, 22, gave the singer a set of South American good-luck bracelets, made of thin ribbons which are said to grant the wearer three wishes when they break, at her 51st birthday party on Sunday (Aug 16).

Madonna – whose ex-husband is British film director Guy Ritchie – smiled when she opened the present, but was quick to tell Jesus she couldn’t wear it, leaving him in tears.

Clashed with her Kabbalah bracelets

A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: ‘Madonna said that although she loved the bracelets she wouldn’t wear them because they clashed with her Kabbalah bracelets.

‘Jesus was crestfallen and he had words with her.’

Later the same night, the singer praised her young lover in a speech at the party before running across the room to passionately kiss him.

As friends looked on, Madonna gushed: ‘He’s the love of my life. He has been so strong around me. I can’t thank him enough.’

Malaysian Insider

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