former child soldiers from Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels got jobs in Malaysia

Former child soldiers from

Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels got jobs in Malaysia

COLOMBO – A group of former child soldiers from Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels have won jobs on construction sites in Malaysia after undergoing re-training, the government here said.

The seven men were among hundreds of former child soldiers who surrendered in the months before government troops finally defeated the Tigers in May at the end of decades of ethnic warfare.

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Koh backs peaceful rallies, says cops should act fairly

Koh backs peaceful rallies, says cops should act fairly

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 — Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon today urged the police to act fairly in dealing with public demonstrations because of the perception that they are more effective in cracking down on rallies than on crime.

“Current public perception towards the police is that they are more effective in catching demonstrators than criminals,” said Koh today.

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Calls for “konfrontasi ke-dua”

Calls for ‘war’ in Indonesia-Malaysia dance spat

Simmering anger in Indonesia over Malaysia’s “theft” of a traditional dance is spurring unlikely calls for war in the latest spat between the two traditionally testy neighbours.

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Great books never read…

Great books never read…

SEPT 6 — It was yet another lunch at the strangely-named “Ibu Nasi Kandar” restaurant near our office. (They don’t serve nasi kandar and there is nobody working there who looks like they are anybody’s ibu.)

We were just chatting about this, that and the other when the talk veered towards books. Suddenly Justin said, “I wasted my life reading Nineteen Eighty-Four.” It’s not often you hear that about anything written by George Orwell so we questioned him: Why? What was it you hated?

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Rise of ‘two world capitals’ in China

Rise of ‘two world capitals’ in China

BEIJING, Sept 6 — China will be home to not one but two “world capitals of the future”, according to a report by Forbes magazine.

Its two biggest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, are poised to overtake leading global centres of today, says the magazine in a report by its columnist Joel Kotkin.

Other growing cities that made it to Forbes’ list of 10 “World Capitals of the Future” are Mumbai, Calgary, Dallas, Dubai, Houston, Moscow, Perth and Sao Paulo.

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Brazil beat Argentina, qualifies for 2010 World Cup

Brazil beat Argentina, qualifies for 2010 World Cup

ROSARIO, Argentina, Sept 6 — Luis Fabiano struck twice as Brazil stunned arch-rivals Argentina 3-1 away in their World Cup qualifier yesterday to reach the 2010 finals.

The defeat, after defender Luisao had put Brazil ahead in the 24th minute, left Argentina’s chances of reaching the finals in South Africa hanging by a thread.

Midfielder Jesus Datolo replied for Argentina.

Five-times world champions Brazil lead the South American group with 30 points. They are more than nine points ahead of fifth and sixth-placed Colombia and Ecuador with three games remaining.

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Malaysia Home Minister on PR and Citizenship applications

Malaysia Home Minister on PR and Citizenship applications

 In a wide-ranging interview with Sunday Star at his office on Tuesday, Hisham­muddin says: “Whatever I’ve done, I’ve always given it my best. I’ve never known any other way.’’

It is clear as the interview progresses that Hishammuddin, a trained barrister, is quickly adapting to the breadth and depth of the ministry which oversees 40 statutes.

To the media, the 48-year-old son of the country’s third Prime Minister has some friendly advice. “No spin, play it straight,” he says, before breaking into a smile.

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‘MyKad for illegals’: Sabah Umno MP seeks answers

‘MyKad for illegals’: Sabah Umno MP seeks answers

The National Registration Department (NRD) has been urged to clarify an allegation over an attempt to register illegal immigrants for MyKads in Kalabakan.


 Kalabakan member of parliament Abdul Ghapur Salleh said he had also received a complaint that the attempt took place in Kampung Kalabakan Tengah last month.

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