Sinister side of the web

Sinister side of the web

The rise of the blogosphere and alternative media through the world wide web, has opened up and exposed that untameable genie in the bottle, never again to be contained.

While, this ungovernable cyberspace has fostered unimaginable information traffic, and unlocked many secrets, exposes, and countless exchanges for the better, there is another sinister side, which has emerged.
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‘Slumdog’ child star Azharuddin loses father

MUMBAI, Sept 7 – ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ child star Azharuddin’s father, Mohammed Ismail, died here after a long battle with tuberculosis. Ismail was suffering from the disease for over a year, the Press Trust of India (PTI) quoted sources close to the family saying here yesterday.

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Anti-trust laws can defeat protectionism

Anti-trust laws can defeat protectionism

SEPT 7 – Opponents of economic liberalisation fear, among many other things, the possibility of giant foreign companies dominating the local market at the expense of local businesses.

For those who are simply interested in better quality goods and services, market liberalisation introduces competition in the market, much to the benefits of consumers.

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