‘Slumdog’ child star Azharuddin loses father

MUMBAI, Sept 7 – ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ child star Azharuddin’s father, Mohammed Ismail, died here after a long battle with tuberculosis. Ismail was suffering from the disease for over a year, the Press Trust of India (PTI) quoted sources close to the family saying here yesterday.

He passed away on Friday in the new flat bought for the family by the ‘Jai Ho’ trust set up by director Danny Boyle. Ten-year-old Azhar was reportedly at school at the time and did not learn of the death until he returned home in the evening.

Ismail caused a furore when he allegedly slapped Azhar for refusing to give media interviews after his return from Los Angeles early this year. Azhar, who played young Salim in Boyle’s Mumbai potboiler, had attended the Academy awards ceremony along with rest of the cast in LA, where the film picked up eight trophies.

His family had shifted to a flat provided by the Jai Ho Trust, couple of months ago, after civic authorities demolished their huts situated in Garib Nagar slum in the Bandra area earlier this year.

The new apartment will be transferred into Azhar’s name when he reaches 18 and would stay on there with his mother. They share the flat with Azhar’s elder brother and his wife. – Bernama

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