Sinister side of the web

Sinister side of the web

The rise of the blogosphere and alternative media through the world wide web, has opened up and exposed that untameable genie in the bottle, never again to be contained.

While, this ungovernable cyberspace has fostered unimaginable information traffic, and unlocked many secrets, exposes, and countless exchanges for the better, there is another sinister side, which has emerged.

This unleashed genie of free expression too, is fraught with disturbing half-truths, irrational bigotry and unrestrained viciousness of its own. Personally declared but intolerant righteousness have been spewed behind the facade of perceived anonymity of the Internet.

Can anyone believe anything at all in the web? Certainly not everything, but the dilemma is in knowing which is which.

I think many Malaysians are now so intoxicated by their own anger, hatred and righteousness that many are no longer listening, except to their own voices and other like-minded echoes they surround themselves with.

We are no longer thinking about how some of these seemingly implacable problems can be resolved. We just want to see instant results, provoke instant reaction, we behave as if the politics of the land is a playground for the brave and loud. But, what about how to really run a government of our choice, of virtue?

I know we all think we are contributing to this concept of change, that we must begin with each and every one person in Malaysia. I believe this too, passionately, but I must be aware of the prevailing realities and maintain a step-back patience.
Sometimes, the loudest most strident voice is not necessarily that most listened to; some people would be very quick to switch off immediately, and we would not be listened to at all, except from the already converted.

The more serious consequences would be the possible repercussions of retaliatory anger, hatred, and vengeance.

We can all help to lessen the tenor and the tempo of recriminations and deep-seated anger and try and temper down the growing ill will that is brewing and boiling over in our blogosphere and possibly also in our civil society!

We stand ready to lose and exclude another huge segment of our society, who are our fellow citizens too, albeit on the other side of the fence. Worse, we may be kindling something more unthinkable, more sinister and terrible! I do hope I’m wrong and will be proven so!
Let’s help reduce the political tension, while continuing to push our agenda with less animosity but with greater moral suasion!

 Part of the article of David Quek in Malaysiakini

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