China twisted the arms of Taiwan and South Korea to stymie Uighurs

China twisted the arms of Taiwan and South Korea to stymie Uighurs

BEIJING, Sept 18 — South Korea and a city in Taiwan have moved to deny exiled Muslim Uighurs from China’s far-west platforms for voicing their cause, apparently bowing to fears that Beijing could use its growing muscle to hit back.

Taiwan’s second-largest city, Kaohsiung, is backing away from plans to show a documentary about Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer that China has condemned, while South Korea has barred another prominent Uighur exile from entering the country.

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Australia approves roll out of H1N1 flu vaccine

Australia approves roll out of H1N1 flu vaccine

CANBERRA, September 18 — Australian health authorities approved a vaccine for H1N1 influenza, which will be rolled out across the country from September, Health Minister Nicola Roxon said today.

“There is going to be sufficient vaccine for everyone,” Roxon told reporters in Canberra, adding Australia would be one of the first countries to protect its population from the H1N1 virus.

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A most frustrating hassle to become citizens

SEPT 18 — Two days ago, 92 “lucky” people became Malaysian citizens, many of them after a wait of many years. Many of these are more Malaysian than some Malaysians, but because of red tape and other undisclosed reasons, their applications were either put on hold, or rejected time and again.

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Falooda or Faluda (Urdu: فالودہ) is a popular beverage in the Indian subcontinent made primarily by mixing rose syrup with vermicelli and tapioca seeds along with either milk or water.

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Falooda – Refreshing Drink/Dessert Recipe

The Irrawaddy:Eight Democracy Activists Arrested

Eight democracy activists including one Buddhist monk in Myingyan Township in Mandalay were detained by Burmese military authorities on Wednesday, according to local sources.


The Irrawaddy:Resettlement—the Black Market

MAE SOT — Since 2005, when resettlement began, a network of brokers has evolved to assist individuals from Burma who wish to enter the refugee camps and resettle in a third country.