Uighur film to show in Taiwan, testing China

Uighur film to show in Taiwan, testing China

TAIPEI, Sept 20 — Taiwan’s second-largest city said today it would show a film about Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer despite concerns it would upset China, which is already fuming about the Dalai Lama’s recent visit to the island.

The documentary, The 10 Conditions of Love, will screen four times the day after tomorrow and a day after ahead of an annual film festival in Kaohsiung, a southern Taiwan port city whose mayor Chen Chu is backed by Taiwan’s anti-China opposition party.

“To draw the curtains over this controversy as soon as possible, the film will be screened ahead of schedule,” the city said in a statement.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Picture from Malaysiakini


Eid celebrations around the world… Muslims gather and pray at the

Athletic Bowl this morning in Baguio city, north of Manila, Philippines. – Reuters pic , Malaysian Insider

Swine flu thermal screening in Malaysia just for show off? MMC just closed their eyes on MOH?

Swine flu thermal screening in Malaysia just for show off? 

MMC just closed their eyes on MOH?

Some high-profile measures, like subjecting air passengers to thermal screening, also seem to be driven more by politics than medical science and could divert essential funding and manpower from more effective actions, they said.

I have heard from my patients that many ill patients managed to travel through Nilai International airport as there is no one manning the screening counters or they could just walked through without disturbance. They resorted to this because they had already bought the tickets. Some already had paid for the Bali travel expenses.

Before the introduction of the Rapid Influenza test, I was in trouble when the tourists came and demand me to check for the A (H1N1) because they were caught at the thermal screening counter with high fever but they simply let them in to Malaysia. HKL and government Hospitals also refused to check them. Those ill tourists came and demand me to check and confirm whether they are infected with Swine Flu or to give the Antiviral, Tamiflu as practised in almost all around the world. At that time all the Antiviral drugs e.g. Tamiflu was controlled by the government. No one, repeat NO ONE, including Medical Doctors even whose patients were found to be positive by throat swabs are allowed to buy Antiviral, until and unless the doctors are certified to have positive flu throat swab test. Catch 22 is the Ministry Official denied to allow doing the throat swabs even to those ill doctors who are exposed to Swine Flu patients, if they are not ill enough to be admitted to the hospitals. I knew some doctors who were admitted to Government Hospitals but denied the anti-viral drugs because the MOH took 4-5 days to report. Once report came in and positive, it is too late for the treatment.

And even nowadays we got the Rapid Flu Nasal tests, which are not specific, 70-80% (according to MOH, Malaysia) (CDC even had give the figures of 10-20% according to the places.) But once positive it is reliable to be positive to the group of Influenza viral A or B. We are advised to give anti-viral which is actually effective for all those Flu cases even if not that particular A (H1N1). Although the MOH could not supply us with the controlled RM 80.00 price they announced the price control, with that price we even could not get the supply.

When we referred our positive Nose Swab patients to the MOH hospitals, many patients were denied the anti-viral drugs.

Could CBC or TWDC blood test and CXR exclude the A(H1N1) disease???

Actually they are bluffing to some of the patients that the Nose Swab positive status is wrong!!!

MMC should take action to them if they wish to investigate the cases of doctors who refused to give Acyclovir on the Chicken pox patients. Sometimes companies or panels refused to pay or there were the ceiling limit of RM 30.00.

After all Swine Flu is deadly and if the MOH doctors refuse to give anti-viral, it is far more serious problem for the patients.

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If Tun Abdullah Badawi brings politics to overshadow the true Islamic ideals, IKIM’s future would be ruined

If Tun Abdullah Badawi brings politics to overshadow the true Islamic ideals,

IKIM’s future would be ruined

Singapore’s armed forces buildup suggests it could be an outpost in the security chain the US is building around China, and this is contrary to the spirit of Asean, of which it is a member.

A LEADING US international intelligence agency recently published a significant report defining US-Singapore military cooperation and highlighting Singapore as one of the US’ prime regional strategic alliances and recipients of military assistance.

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