Burma follows Zimbabwe to circulate 5,000 Kyat currency note

Burma follows Zimbabwe

to circulate 5,000 Kyat currency note


NEW MONEY: Zimbabwe's new $10 and $5 bills which went into circulation on Friday, August 1


LAUNCH: A reserve Bank employee looks at a specimen of the nmew $1 bill on a computer

Breaking and News Brief (Mizzima)

Burma to circulate 5,000 Kyat currency note
24/09/2009 20:15

Zimbabwe central bank Governor Gideon Gono on Wednesday announced that from Aug. 1, the local currency would be re-denominated by removing 10 zeros from a Zimbabwe dollar. The highest note was 100 billion.

Myanmar should just copy the idea of Zimbabwe and just print Kyat 5000.00 as Zyat 5.00 which could be equal or valued as USD 5.00.

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East Asian regionalists regrouping after all

East Asian regionalists regrouping after all


Picture ASEAN Plus Three
PRIME Minister Yukio Hatoyama of Japan made a splash in New York during the week by seeking partnership with China on an EU-type East Asian entity with a single regional currency.

What an ironic turnaround: after Malaysian premier Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad proposed an East Asian Economic Group (EAEG) to visiting Chinese premier Li Peng in December 1990, Japan obstructed the idea upon US rejection of it.

One or two Asean countries were also uneasy, especially since they had not heard of it before. Indonesia’s president Suharto was reportedly annoyed that Dr Mahathir failed to consult him first in paying proper “obeisance”.

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Early use of antivirals key in H1N1 flu: WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) – Early use of antivirals is effective in treating H1N1 flu and health authorities must be vigilant for signs of drug resistance, the World Health Organisation said on Friday.

Drug-resistant pandemic flu viruses have appeared infrequently so far and there is no evidence they are spreading, but further cases are likely, the WHO said on its website.


Reuters:Twitter gets new round of funding, new backers

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Twitter received $100 million in funding on Friday, valuing the company at $1 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter, as investors bet that the Web company’s explosive growth will yield actual revenue or a lucrative deal.

Investors including mutual fund giant T. Rowe Price and private equity firm Insight Venture Partners took part in the latest round of funding which closed on Friday, according to Twitter. Twitter did not give the amount of the funding.


Antique toys could fetch millions at auction

Black Eyed Peas play in KL after ban lifted

Black Eyed Peas play in KL after ban lifted

black eyed peasUS hip-hop band the Black Eyed Peas played in front of a multiracial audience in Malaysia this weekend after a ban on Muslims was lifted, although frontwoman Fergie was forced to cover up.

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Malaysia Higher Education Minister: no public nor private institutions of higher learning are involved in giing fake PhD degrees.

Malaysia Higher Education Minister: no public nor private institutions of higher learning are involved in giing fake PhD degrees.

Minister denies IPTA and IPTS involved in fake Phd degrees

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Poland okays forcible castration for paedophiles

Poland okays forcible castration for paedophiles

Poland on Friday approved a law making chemical castration mandatory for paedophiles in some cases, sparking criticism from human rights groups.

Under the law, sponsored by Poland’s centre-right government, paedophiles convicted of raping children under the age of 15 years or a close relative would have to undergo chemical therapy on their release from prison.

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I hereby_

  • took the posting of Tun Dr M in his blog, “THE LESSON FROM JAPAN”,
  • modified to reflect the Myanmar political scenario
  • and added some facts.

I hope that Tun would kindly forgive me for doing this as there is a saying_

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.” –   — Charles Caleb Colton

1. The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan which had ruled the country since World War II has been trounced by the Democratic Party of Japan in the recent election.
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