Malaysia’s broadband is third class infrastructure and also run by people with third world mentality

Malaysia’s broadband is third class infrastructure

and also run by people with third world mentality

internet-broadband-qualityKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 – Malaysia was ranked a poor 48 out of 66 countries for Internet broadband quality in a study conducted by Oxford University and sponsored by Cisco.

The global study on broadband quality conducted by Oxford’s Said Business School listed Malaysia among countries which had Internet speeds which were “below today’s applications threshold.”

Malaysia is listed in the same category but above countries like the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, Vietnam and Indonesia. China, Malta, Brazil and Thailand are among countries just ahead of Malaysia in broadband quality but still in the same low category.

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World’s top ten pickpocket traps

World’s top ten pickpocket traps

102_lasNEW YORK, Oct 2 — Where there are tourists, there are people seeking to exploit them, with travel website TripAdvisor coming up with a list of the top 10 places worldwide to be especially aware of pickpockets.

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Tribute to the saint of non-violence

Tribute to the saint of non-violence

Gandhi and the universality of God

Religious conflicts are the most common cause of violence in the world today. Not a day passes without the news of some tragic episode causing deaths of innocent people somewhere in the world. We say that we are all the children of one God and that that all religions lead to that same God but why are we fighting and killing each in His name.

Gandhi believed in the universality of God, “The Allah of Islam is the same as the God of Christians and the Ishwar of Hindus.” 

These words of Gandhi are so powerful and remain relevant till today and will remain so for ages to come.Unless we accept and respect each other’s faith we can never have genuine and lasting peace. Although Gandhi was a devout Hindu he also had great respect for all other religions. When asked whether he was a Hindu,he replied said, “Yes,I am a Hindu but I am also a Muslim, Christian and a Jew”.

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Mahatma Gandhi tribute on 140th birthday

Mahatma Gandhi tribute on 140th birthday

Gandhi google: Google Doodle: Mahatma Gandhi tribute on 140th birthday


Google Doodle: Mahatma Gandhi tribute on 140th birthday

Google is featuring the face of Mahatma Gandhi on its logo to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the birth of father of modern India.

Mahatma Gandhi on today’s Google homepage

The face of the Indian independence movement leader replaces the letter “G” in Google ‘s home page.

He joins an elite band including Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Confucius by appearing on the ‘Google Doodle’.

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Myanmar court upholds Suu Kyi guilty verdict

YANGON, Oct 2 — A court in army-ruled Myanmar upheld its guilty verdict on opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi today, a legal source said, a ruling likely to keep the Nobel laureate in detention until after next year’s elections.


Prostitute tells all about Berlusconi on ‘live’ TV

Prostitute tells all about Berlusconi on ‘live’ TV


Patrizia D’Addario made what she claimed were tapes of intimate pillow talk with Berlusconi. — Reuters pic

MILAN, Oct 2 — Any hope Silvio Berlusconi might have had of putting the summer sex scandals behind him evaporated last night when state television broadcast a live interview with the prostitute who claims to have taped her intimate bedroom conversations with the Italian Premier.

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The Star:18 detainees die each month

JOHOR BARU: Immigration detention centres in the country must observe better health standards to ensure they do not become a breeding ground for viruses, a Suhakam commissioner said.