‘Police’ executions ???

Questions mount in India on ‘police’ executions

AHMEDABAD, India — The tableau was as improbable as it was grisly. The bullet-riddled bodies of four Muslims lay neatly lined up in the middle of a road. One of the dead cradled a machine gun. Bomb-making chemicals and a suitcase full of cash sat in the trunk of their car. Intelligence reports had identified the four as terrorism suspects.

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Israeli supermodels in catwalk spat over draft-dodging

Bar RefaeliTEL AVIV, Oct 4 — She has already been criticised by the military for her decision to avoid the draft in her native Israel, but now a former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio is under attack from a fellow supermodel.

Months after a retired general rebuked Bar Refaeli for side-stepping her compulsory national service, the “draft-dodger” has been berated by Esti Ginzburg.

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Reuters:E-readers seen as holiday hit, presage tablet PCs

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Electronic readers could be the hottest gift this holiday season as a new crop of portable media devices begins to join iPods and other music players as must-have tech accessories.


If Malaysian police, soldier and Rela are allowed to continue “sweeping” and “abuse” Indonesians and all foreigners…..

If Malaysian police, soldier and Rela are allowed to continue

“sweeping” and “abuse” Indonesians and all foreigners…..

n_20gnagguanComment: If Malaysian police, soldier and Rela are allowed to continue “sweeping” and “abuse” Indonesians and all foreigners…..including Myanmars, Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Africans, Chinese Girls etc… one day, once they were back at their home countries they could do the revenge “sweeping” on all Malaysians.

Yes you are right in screening the illegals but just look from the other side when Norden Mat Top was not only an illegal immigrant but a mass murderer and terrorist. There are few hundred thousand Malaysian Illegals in US, Canada, UK, Australia etc..

So all the other countries around the world also have the right to check the IC and Passports of all the Malaysians anytime. They could give all of you the same taste of what your Relas are doing on other foreigners in your country.

What happen to the police who assaulted the Indon ?Karete judge? Why was the stupid judge release the dozen of army soldiers who stepped on the stomach and kicked the head of an Indonesian illegal on the Malacca beach.

 Why was all the foreigners including Legal workers, regularly rounded up in Malaysia by Rela, Immigration and police and all are kept in the camps for many days without doing the verification of the documents. They were release when their employers went to claim them back. Just look at the claims by the Indian IT experts at Brickfields that their valid genuine Indian Passports with Malaysian Immigration visas and passes were torn by the enforcement officers. (That was reported in Malaysian newspapers.) Similar claims were made by numerous foreigners but no responsible enforcement officers were punished yet.

One day those atrocities could be haunted on the Malaysian abroad like the present sweeping in Indonesia. 

“We were ‘sweeping’ Malaysians because (the Malaysian government) is ‘sweeping’ Indonesians in Malaysia,” said the man who was not involved in the Menteng ‘sweeping’ as he had other nationalistic duties on that day.

“We only managed to ‘sweep’ for 30 minutes because the police stopped us,” he added.

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