(Un)Islamic finance customers need protection from “Islamic Interest”

(Un)Islamic finance customers need protection from “Islamic Interest”

In 2008, High Court Judge Abdul Wahab Patail argued that the BBA sale was

  • not a genuine sale
  • as the profit charged by the banks was nothing more than the interest payment in a conventional loan.
  • Since the profit element of the BBA was a sham,
  • the contract had gone against ‘shariah’ principles.

Although I am not an Islamic Scholar, I believed that Islamic finance is flawed. In real Islamic law, if there is any profit they need to divide the profit and IF LOST, the bank or borrower MUST also bear the % of the lost.

I had asked the question about the future buys as that was practiced by non-Muslims. Before plantation season, the farmers need the money for investment. So they used to ‘sell’ their products in advance with low price. The buyer or money lender could get the farm products with a very cheap price. Muslim authorities in Myanmar had given the Fatwa that the future buy/sell practice is haram as there is obvious interest element. But we are Hanafi Muslims from a small country only. 

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Please help to improve my Wikipedia Islam in Burma article

Please help to improve my Wikipedia Islam in Burma article

Peace be upon you. السلام عليكم



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  • It is in need of attention from an expert on the subject. Tagged since February 2009. So please come and help us to clarify all the issues.

Burma or Myanmar, is the largest country in the mainland Southeast Asia. China is on the northeast border, Bangladesh on the west, India on the northwest and the Indian Ocean on the south. Majority of the population is Theravada Buddhists but a significant number of religions e.g. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Chinese religions, Bahá’í religion,Mahayana Buddhism, traditional animistic beliefs and the Judaism are also practiced in Burma.

Islam is a minority religion in Burma,[1] practiced by 4% of the population, according to the Myanmar official statistics.[2] However, according to a U.S. State Department’s 2006 international religious freedom report[3], official statistics underestimate the non-Buddhist population which could be as high as 30%. Muslim leaders estimated that approximately 20 percent of the population was Muslim.

Early Immigrants

The first Muslims arrived in Burma’s Ayeyarwady River delta, on the Tanintharyi coast and in Rakhine in the 9th century, prior to the establishment of the first Burmese empire in 1055 AD by King Anawrahta of Bagan.[4][5][6][7][8][9] These early Muslim settlements and the propagation of Islam were documented by Arab, Persian, European and Chinese travelers of the 9th century.[4][10] Burmese Muslims are the descendants of Muslim peoples who settled and intermarried with the local Burmese ethnic groups.[11][12] Muslims arrived in Burma as traders or settlers,[13] military personnel,[14] and prisoners of war,[14] refugees,[4] and as victims of slavery.[15] However, many early Muslims also held positions of status as royal advisers, royal administrators, port authorities, mayors, and traditional medicine men.[16]

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Now my Wikipedia Burmese Indians article has been listed as a Social sciences and society good article

Although not really a reward but I am proud and happy that one of my articles, Burmese Indians is now considered for the Good article. Read Talk:Burmese Indians here_

Good articlesBurmese Indians has been listed as a Social sciences and society good article under the good article criteria. If you can improve it further, please do, and if it no longer meets these criteria, it can be delisted or reassessed.
Review: October 12, 2009.

Burmese Indians (Burmese: ကုလားလူမျိုး; MLCTS: ku. la: lu myui:) are a group of people of Indian subcontinental ethnicity who live in Myanmar (Burma). While Indians have lived in Burma for many centuries, most of the ancestors of the current Burmese Indian community emigrated to Burma from the start of British rule in the mid 19th century to the separation of British Burma from British India in 1937. During British times, ethnic Indians formed the backbone of the government and economy serving as soldiers, civil servants, merchants and moneylenders. A series of anti-Indian riots beginning in 1930 and mass emigration during the Japanese occupation of Burma followed by the forced expulsion of 1962 left ethnic Indians with a much reduced role in Burma.

Ethnic Indians today account for approximately 2% (about 950,000) of the population of Burma and are concentrated largely in the two major cities (Yangon and Mandalay) and old colonial towns (Pyin U Lwin and Kalaw). They are largely barred from from the civil service and military and are disenfranchised by being labeled as ‘foreigners’ and ‘non-citizens’ of Burma. Amongst the well-known Burmese Indians is S. N. Goenka, a leading practitioner and teacher of the vipassanā meditation technique and Helen, a well-known Bollywood film actress.

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1 Aziza 1 Ismail

From 1 Malaysia to London with 1 Banana Leaf

LONDON, Oct 13 – A Malaysian restaurant in London is organising a “Banana Leaf Food Festival” based on the 1 Malaysia concept in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration.

The festival will be held from Tuesday until Oct 21 at the Awana Restaurant which has been operating for four years, at 85 Sloane Avenue, London.

Awana Restaurant’s owner, Eddie Lim, said the festival was organised to promote local Malaysian cuisine in London, as well as to celebrate Deepavali in Malaysian style.

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1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 H

1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 H

At first many leaders around the world could not believe or some of them closed their eyes or look away from our country and blatantly claimed that there is no war in Myanmar, no atrocities committed on various minority religious groups and ethnic minorities. Even those practising the same religion or descended from the same ethnic groups denied or brushed off that there was no ethnic cleansing, racial and religious in Myanmar, just to easily deny a helping hand to those who migrated and requested to easy resettlement or refuge in their countries.It is a blessing in disguised that the stupid or dumb SPDC military generals decided to use force on peacefully demonstrating revered monks and the Burmese civilians. Now the SPDC’s real nature  is exposed and the whole world had witness with their eyes about the cruel Myanmar Military. And it is clear that they are defiant and never give a dam care to the UN, UNSC, world political and religious leaders’ appeals.

Although there are some sympathetic considerations for the Burmese/Myanmar citizens by few countries, most of us unfairly discriminated even amongst foreigners in many countries.

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1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 G

1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 G

Education is the Passport for the future of migrants’ children

We must not believe the many, who say that only free people ought to be educated,

But we should rather believe the philosophers, who say that only the educated are free….. Epictetus.

But the government newspapers’ front page report with the photograph about 3000 schools built by the government for Indonesian Illegals shows the extent of unfairness and the lack of level playing field. Even amongst foreigners we, Burmese Muslims are MINUS ONE (-1) only in this one Malaysia.

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Reuters:Will solar speed up emerging cellphone revolution?

By Hereward Holland and Leonora Walet

KAMPALA/HONG KONG (Reuters) – Watching his sons kick around a makeshift ball made from tightly bound plastic bags, Ugandan handyman Jackson Mawa marvels at the way business has improved since he bought a solar-powered mobile phone.


1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 F

1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 F

From Universal justice,

Muslim and Non-Muslim Relations

By Jamal Badawi, PhD

 The Arabic term for justice is_

adl, meaning “to be in a state of equilibrium, to be balanced.”

That balance is inherent in the cosmic order and ecology as much as it is inherent in spiritual and ethical values. The Qur’an warns against disturbing that balance. Within that broad context, we can examine the concept of justice as it relates to human relationships based on Islam’s primary sources.

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1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 E

1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 E

Some Islamic values that rich 1 Malaysia Muslims try to ignore

After the end of the War, Niemoller became an important figure in the World Council of Churches, and traveled all over the world, including the United States to share his sorrows and joys, as well as wisdom. In one occasion, Niemoller recalled:

“In Germany they (the Nazis) came first for the Communists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

“Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up for me”.

Martin Niemoller well in his masterpiece on the history of the Nazi Germany, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – A history of Nazi Germany (New York, Touchstone, 1990; first published in 1959)

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Who will reign in Egypt?

Every week FIFA.com invites users to debate a topic of interest in its Have Your Say section. With the FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009 about to kick off, the question we are asking fans to discuss over the next few days is an obvious one: Who do you think be crowned the new young kings of world football?


1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 D

1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 D

One of the most important values of Islam is to_

  1. ‘propagating good and
  2. forbidding evil’.

Propagating good and forbidding evil’ _

  1. is not optional.
  2. It is compulsory.
  3. Islam makes it mandatory that we oppose evil.

We are asked to oppose evil with our hands.

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1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 C

1 Malaysia minus 1 Burmese Muslim Migrants 1 C

The Rohingya doctor who had migrated to Australia two year ago, telephoned me that his family already got the citizenship. That Dr Kamal, Rohingya Myanmar Muslim they denied PR after 14 years was granted the same status within three months in a Christian Australia.

So if you get a chance,

  • go son,
  • migrate to the non Muslim country
  • as Muslim Governments around the world are hopeless.
  • I had made a mistake not to accept my relatives’ invitation from UK, US and Australia.
  • For me it is too late as I am at the end of my carrier.

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BBC:Crunch time for World Cup hopefuls


Reuters:Microsoft releases biggest patch on record

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp issued its biggest software patch on record on Tuesday to fix a range of security issues in its programs, including the yet to be released Windows 7 operating system.