Victim Smar Nyii Nyii questions the deafening silence of NLD (LA) of ABSDF Killings

smarnyiinyii, on October 15th, 2009 at 11:16+00:0010 Said or comment on

Killing fields of ABSDF under Dr Naing Aung and Dr Aung Naing

It is disgusting that nobody make a comment on this issue.
What is or where is NLD(LA) ?
Just neglect the crime in the name of revolution. Good!
You all will be neglecting in the future, of the “fellow patriotic” men’s misconduct and country selling activities.
Why didn’t anybody ask for the investigation on the case of minister U Win Ko . He was killed purposely.
Than Chaung and Aung Naing arranged it.
Dr Naing Aung and Aung Htoo openly declared that they took full responsibility on the killing in ABSDF(NB).
It is no joke that 15 students were beheaded on UNION DAY.
Do you think that is coincident?
I can’t believe the fact that_ all the anti-government opposition groups could keep their blind eyes on this serial fellony.

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