Jim Carrey offers glimpse of his ‘psychedelic’ brain on web

Jim Carrey offers glimpse of his ‘psychedelic’ brain on web

Actor Jim Carrey claps along during a musical number at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles - Reuters pic

Actor Jim Carrey claps along during a musical number at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles - Reuters pic

LOS ANGELES, Oct 25 — It’s hardly news these days when a celebrity launches their own website.

But when it’s Jim Carrey, who is best known for portraying multiple and often manic personalities, you’ve got to wonder which Carrey you’re going to run into online.

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Fidel Castro’s sister: I worked with CIA in Cuba

Fidel Castro’s sister: I worked with CIA in Cuba

MIAMI, Oct 26 — The younger sister of Fidel and Raul Castro, Juanita Castro, collaborated with the US Central Intelligence Agency against her brothers’ rule in Cuba before going into exile in Miami in 1964, she said yesterday.

Juanita Castro, 76, who has not spoken to either of her brothers for more than four decades, made the revelation to the Spanish-language TV channel Univision-Noticias 23 on the eve of the publication of her memoirs about Fidel and Raul Castro.

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The military animal that we all know in Myanmar

The military animal that we all know in Myanmar

The people’s perception of politicians’ projections is paramount. American president Abraham Lincoln once opined that: ‘You can fool some people all the time and all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.’

Time will tell whether Myanmar military generals are double-headed snakes, tricky monkeys, greedy pigs or loyal dogs.

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Death of Indonesian maid will further strain ties with Malaysia

Death of Indonesian maid will further strain ties with Malaysia

NONEKLANG, Oct 26 — An Indonesian maid, rescued from a house in Taman Sentosa last week, died at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital here this morning.

Doctors said Mautik Hani, 36, from Surabaya, who had been in a coma since Saturday, died at 10am.

She was rescued by police on Tuesday and was found with a wound on her leg as well as bruises on her arms and face.

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Roads, relief efforts among Asean plans to forge closer links

Roads, relief efforts among Asean plans to forge closer links

CHA-AM, Oct 26 — From roads that will connect their countries to disaster relief and financial stability, Asean and its dialogue partners yesterday took several steps towards forging closer and more diverse links.

Leaders from Asean and six dialogue partners yesterday promised this in a statement after meetings held on the heels of the 15th Asean summit here.

Even as concrete strides were made to draw their countries together, leaders also focused on the unfinished business of looking for a new growth model, said Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, who chaired the summit, which closed yesterday.

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Online rally may sidestep newspapers

NEW YORK, Oct 26 — It was a good day for newspaper websites when Mercedes-Benz USA introduced its updated E-Class cars this summer. Mercedes bought out the ad space on the home pages of The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and had those sites create special 3-D ads for them, at an estimated cost of US$100,000 (RM350,000) a site.

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Twitter serves up ideas from its followers

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 26 — Companies big and small monitor Twitter to find out what their customers like and what they want changed. Twitter does the same.

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Lawyer: Weak hubbies cause of most divorce cases now

Lawyer: Weak hubbies cause of most divorce cases now

METRO Ahad reported Syariah lawyer Datuk Mohd Zaidi Zain as saying that the phenomenon of “dayus” or “emasculated” husbands, were now a main cause for divorce.

He said 10 out of 15 divorce cases handled monthly by his firm cited men allowing their wives to support the family and forcing them into prostitution. Men were also turning a blind eye to their wives’ infidelities while they stayed at home or had their own love affairs. Some were also henpecked by their wives.

He said there was no provision in the Syariah law to charge these men although wives could accuse their husbands of shirking their responsibilities.

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108 Sri Lankan Refugees’ plight to be resolved

108 Sri Lankan Refugees’ plight to be resolved

JOHOR BARU: The plight of the 108 Sri Lankan refugees at the Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention Centre will be settled soon following intervention by Sri Lankan High Commissioner Don D. Ranasin-ghe and representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The centre’s commander Zainal Abidin Ibrahim said Ranasinghe and UNHCR representatives visited the facilities to check on the refugees recently and the problem was expected to be resolved by next week.

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Sri Lankan detainees refusing food until UNHCR visits them

PONTIAN: At least six Sri Lankans, including a woman, are believed to have gone on a hunger strike for more than a week at the Pekan Nenas immigration detention centre.

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First gay Foreign Minister wins a place in Merkel’s dream team


BERLIN, Oct 26 — Angela Merkel’s new centre-right coalition government will take office this week on a pledge to slash income taxes and with a controversial and openly gay foreign minister who is renowned for refusing to answer questions in English.

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