Mizzima:Daw Suu refused to accept the junta’s order to exclude U Tin Oo

Mizzima:Daw Suu refused to accept the junta’s order to exclude U Tin Oo

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Burmese journalists have welcomed the junta for allowing  them to cover  the meeting between two US diplomats and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi along with photographs.

Some Burmese media like ‘Myanmar Times’ Bi-weekly, Flowers Journal, Eleven Media Group reported online the meeting on November 4 during the two-day visit of US officials.

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TQ YB Datin Marina M for your kindheart

TQ YB Datin Marina M for your kindheart

MarinaM said…

Dr Zafar, indeed! We should be ashamed at the way we treat refugees here.

First thing to do is sign the UN Convention on Refugees and recognise them.

Same goes for trafficked persons and foreign workers in this country.

November 5, 2009 12:59 PM

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Migrant makes history in USA

Migrant makes history

While elections in a few US states this week saw mostly narrow margin fights, a Taiwanese migrant scored a landslide victory in New York to become city comptroller.

NEW York City has a new money manager, and he is Asian-American.

John Liu, who migrated from Taiwan with his parents when he was five, made history by becoming the first Asian-American to be elected City Comptroller or chief financial officer of the city on Tuesday.  Continue reading

Dark forces from Malaysian MOH?

Malaysiakini letter: Malaysian employers’ attitude


Today, Malaysian Ministry Of Health’s officials raided my clinic and managed to find fault on minor technical details. OK I can accept this.

I hope it is just a coincidence and not revenge because of my comments and postings.

I used to avoid Malaysian politics except the policies on us, migrants.

I hope they would not push me to the corner.

I am willing to accept any minor punishment, but be careful, you can do all sorts of revenge from ISA, jail, withdraw my IC or an illegal death sentence.

But I am not alone, have friends, comrades and relatives all over the world and the most important PERSON is ALLAH, knowing everything.

When all the doctors were against the one sided unfair new Medical Act, Minister, DG and Directors promised all sorts of things and later they are going against their promises.

They promise not to raid but seek appointment.

They promised not to disturb he consultations with pts but they disturbed few times.

Doors, back doors, toilets for the clinics in Hotels and Supermarkets were not important because difficult to rectify. They promised first and than sent warning letters.

AGREEMENT GOT BY DECEIT IS INVALID. So it must be recorded that MOST OF THE DOCTORS are against the act. BUT in Bolehland what can we do?


  • by Dr XYZ – Just nowYes, the MMC or Malaysian Medical Council effectively destroyed Tun’s dream of setting up an eye hospital in Lankawi with the help of Russian doctors. MMC is blocking the foreign doctors changing of work place, even if it is to the government hospitals or universities or for further training. (It is against the government’s signing of International treaties to allow these activities so that the Malaysian doctors working abroad could get those privileges.) And MMC is blocking the foreign doctors studying in the postgraduate courses here from withdrawing salaries although they need to take all the duties for four years after paying all the tuition fees. How could any human survive like this? Then MMC doctors should pay back or donate the salaries they earned during the training abroad!

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