Malaysiakini: Has media behavior gone sideways?

Malaysiakini: Has media behavior gone sideways?

My Comment:Why there were no reports of A (H1N1) Flu outbreaks in the staffs of the Supermarkets, Banks, Cinemas, Private Schools and Private Universities? I don’t think they could cover-up those cases as the A (H1N1) Flu is a notifiable disease. Just because those institutions are paying the various media with the advertisement fees, the media totally ignore the interest of the public and blackout the reports which could affect those business organizations. This is not only a corrupt practice, ethically and morally wrong. We all should try to counter those kinds of blackouts in personal blogs and peoples reporting through Twitters. Sorry folk, as a GP doctor, we could not divulge our patients’ records because of the Medical Ethics and after all those organizations are also our panels and I also not only need to look at their faces but scared of the backlash. So I am also partly guilty.

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Reuters:Swine flu may be peaking in U.S.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The pandemic of swine flu may be hitting a peak in the United States, health experts said on Friday.