Saudi floods leave 48 dead, 900 stranded

JEDDAH, Nov 26 — Forty-eight people have died in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah following the heaviest rainfall in years, a rescue services spokesman said today.

Some were drowned or were killed by collapsing bridges and in car crashes, while the rescue services spokesman said another 900 people had to be rescued after being stranded by the floodwaters caused by rainfall of up to 76mm.


Singapore on list of ‘degree mill’ countries

SINGAPORE, Nov 26 — Degree mills that churn out ‘graduates’ at the drop of a hat are the sort of dodgy outfits we link with shadier parts of the world, but the problem is a lot closer to home and threatens to harm Singapore’s name as an education centre.


Heavy rains in Saudi delay Muslim pilgrims at haj

JEDDAH, Nov 25 — The annual haj pilgrimage began with delays for thousands of Muslims stuck in the Saudi Red Sea port city of Jeddah today after heavy rain forced the closure of a motorway to Islam’s holy city of Mecca.