Mkini:Unfair to criminalise all Africans by Indonesia

Mkini:Unfair to criminalise all Africans by Indonesia

I was taken aback at being treated like a criminal when I applied for a visa upon arrival at the Bandara Hussein Sastranegara airport on 10 Nov.

When calling the embassy to ask for my visa requirements, the staff told me that I would only need two photos, a letter of invitation to the seminar I was attending and also a valid passport.

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Fellow Iraqi turns tables on Bush shoe-thrower

PARIS, Dec 2 — An Iraqi reporter imprisoned for throwing his shoes at US President George W. Bush found himself on the receiving end of a similar footwear attack in Paris yesterday.

Muntazer al-Zaidi, whose flare-up against Bush last December turned into a symbol of Iraqi anger, was speaking at a news conference to promote his campaign for victims of the war in Iraq when a man in the audience hurled a shoe at him.


Reuters:N. Korea’s first designer jeans on sale in Sweden

STOCKHOLM (Reuters Life!) – Designer jeans labeled “Made in North Korea” will go on sale this Friday at a trendy department store in the Swedish capital, marking a first foray into Western fashion for the reclusive communist state.

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M Insider: Dubai: The stench of worse to come?

M Insider: Dubai: The stench of worse to come?

NEW YORK, Dec 2 — As Dubai, that one-time wonderland in the desert, struggles to pay its bills, a troubling question hangs over the financial world: Is this latest financial crisis an isolated event, or a harbinger of still more debt shocks?

Big banks that have only just begun to recover from the financial shocks of last year are now nervously eyeing their potential exposure to highly indebted corporations and governments.

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M Insider: Michael Jackson bumps Britney Spears from top Yahoo ’09 searches

M Insider: Michael Jackson bumps Britney Spears from top Yahoo ’09 searches

NEW YORK, Dec 2 — Michael Jackson’s death thrust the singer to the top of Internet searches in 2009, putting an end to Britney Spears’ four-year reign and helping bump President Barack Obama from the top 10 list.

Although the year was dominated by recession, the most clicks still went to what distracts Web surfers. Nascar, actress Megan Fox (picture), reality star Kim Kardashian, and the film “Twilight” replaced four actresses on last year’s top list.

Until June, when Jackson died of a drug overdose, Obama’s inauguration garnered the most Web traffic, said Vera Chan, Web trend analyst at Yahoo Inc.

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M Insider: Film said to show Marilyn Monroe smoking pot

M Insider: Film said to show Marilyn Monroe smoking pot

A screen grab from a home movie shows Marilyn Monroe apparently smoking marijuana.— Reuters pic

NEW YORK, Dec 2 — A home movie showing a relaxed Marilyn Monroe apparently smoking marijuana has surfaced, retrieved from an attic some 50 years after it was filmed.

The reel-to-reel silent, colour film taken at a private home in New Jersey was recently purchased by collector Keya Morgan for US$275,000 (RM935,000) from the person who took the film, who has asked to remain anonymous.

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