Recycled thigh-fat to increase breast size

Recycled thigh-fat to increase breast size

NEW YORK, Dec 5 — The latest kind of recycling has nothing to do with soda bottles. It entails liposuctioning fat from, say, thighs or buttocks and injecting it into breasts to augment them.

After being condemned in the early 1990s, this procedure is generating newfound excitement among the handful of doctors in the United States who offer it and patients keen to enlarge their breasts without resorting to implants.

“I love that it is just mine, my own fat,” said Sarah, a 34-year-old who wanted to be identified by only her first name.

The petite woman from Miami considered breast implants but said she did not want her breasts to “look hard or fake or extremely unnatural”.

So she had Dr Roger Khouri, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, take fat from her thighs and buttocks to fill out her chest.

She said: “I didn’t have to put anything foreign in my body.”

This kind of breast augmentation has two advantages: It trims fat where you do not want it and puts it where you do. Another advantage is not having to worry about an implant breaking or hardening.

Almost 20 years ago, the procedure was strictly not done.

An association now known as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons had issued a warning to its member doctors not to inject suctioned fat into patients’ breasts for fear that mammograms would be misread.

Since some injected fat dies and calcifies, the thinking was that radiologists would not be able to distinguish between those calcifications (or calcium deposits) and the ones that may indicate breast cancer.

A second concern was that too little injected fat survived being transplanted, because techniques for harvesting, refining and placing fat were not advanced enough.

Even today, the success of fat grafting depends on the physician.

But this year, the plastic surgery society reversed its former position.

It reviewed the limited research on fat grafting to the breast and concluded that it “can be considered a safe method of augmentation”.

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