Myanmar junta lets Suu Kyi meet party elders

YANGON, Dec 16 — Detained Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was briefly allowed out of her home today by the military government to meet senior members of her party and one said they had agreed to changes in the party leadership.


M Insider: YouTube looks at subscriptions

M Insider: YouTube looks at subscriptions

NEW YORK, Dec 16 — YouTube is considering offering users the option to pay for subscriptions in a bid to encourage more media companies to license premium TV shows and movies to the popular online video site, a senior executive said.

YouTube, which is owned by Internet search giant Google, is already known to have held talks with several major movie studios about renting movies. Google’s vice president of content partnerships, David Eun, said in an interview that some full-length shows would not be available to YouTube under its current advertising model.

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M Insider: Amnesty condemns Australia’s asylum policies

M Insider: Amnesty condemns Australia’s asylum policies

CANBERRA, Dec 16 — Australia’s offshore immigration detention centre is in breach of human rights and must be closed, Amnesty International said today, adding pressure on the government over a policy that may become a key election issue.

Amnesty refugee coordinator Graham Thom has finished a week-long tour of the immigration detention centre on Australia’s remote Indian Ocean Territory of Christmas Island and described the conditions there as overcrowded and unacceptable.

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M Insider: Inhumane and cruel act

Alejandra Maria Torres stands topless on a street after being beaten, doused with gasoline and lit on fire during a lynching in Guatemala City. Passengers of a public bus accused Torres and three men, who escaped on foot, of participating in an armed robbery. – Reuters pic