Climate conference is ‘about money, not climate’

MOSCOW, Dec 19 – The on-going United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen is revolving not so much about climate as about money, the chairman of the State Duma (Parliament)’s international affairs committee, Konstantin Kosachyov, said about the ongoing debate over the global warming problem, according to a report by Russian news agency, Itar-Tass.

“The point is that for the past one hundred years or so, when nobody cared about ecology, a group of states – states that are now called industrialised ones – impudently took advantage of the lack of attention to environmental affairs to exploit nature, and to launch and expand industrial production without adequate investments into cleaning facilities and the corresponding technologies. From all this they derived profits,” Kosachyov said on the round-the-clock news channel Vesti on Friday.

Now these countries enjoy the status of industrialised ones and they invite the whole world to enter into a new phase of humanity’s development by spending extra funds on ecological programmes, on climate protection and on cleaning facilities, Kosachyov said.

“Now we are asked to assume some unilateral, voluntary restrictions in the ecological sphere, to invest into the very same cleaning facilities. This measure is a rather discriminatory one,” the legislator said, adding, “This is especially true of the countries that are in the first phase of their industrial development. These costs for them are utterly unbearable.” – Bernama

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