Top Russian doctor accuses brewers of spiking beer

Top Russian doctor accuses brewers of spiking beer

MOSCOW, Dec 26 — Russia’s top drug and alcohol specialist accused brewers today of adding pure alcohol to their product, a charge rejected by firms in the latest spat between the industry and regulators.

“In general, (Russian) beer and tinned low alcohol cocktails are a pure chemical weapon. Alcohol is added at a certain stage of production to make it stronger,” Russia’s chief narcologist Yevgeny Bryun was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

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Republika Online news: Burmese Muslims

                I am very glad to read your article. I had contributed most of the Islam articles of Myanmar/Burma and you could see more of them in my webblog. Now I am in Malaysia and have many Indonesian friends.
TQ for the interest and the article about our Burmese Muslims.
Please kindly allow me to cut and paste your article in .Don’t worry I will put the link.
Khoda Hafiz (=May Allah protect you. It is used in Burma, India sub-continent up to Iraq, Iran and may be Turki)
Your brother-in-Islam

 Republika Online news: Burmese Muslims

One by one the passengers, including a number of adult women veiled, entered the Silk Air Boeing aircraft from Changi Airport, Singapore. Pesawat itu bukan hendak ke Timur Tengah atau negeri Muslim lain, tapi Yangon, Myanmar. The plane was not going to the Middle East or other Muslim countries, but Yangon, Myanmar.
Seorang teman dari Jakarta yang transit di bandara itu akhir pekan lalu tak menyangka cukup banyak penumpang berjilbab beserta suami atau keluarganya berada dalam satu pesawat yang sama. A friend from Jakarta who was in transit at the airport last weekend did not think enough of her husband and their veiled passengers or their families are in a same plane.

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