Prophet Mohamad’s (PBUH) closed relatives (in Burmese)

African Union to consider ‘land for Haitians’ plan

ADDIS ABABA, Jan 31 — The African Union (AU) agreed today to consider a Senegalese proposal to resettle Haiti’s earthquake homeless and possibly create a state for them in Africa.


List of Mosques in Mandalay (in Burmese)

SOURCE: Mandalay Prophet’s day Diamond Jubilee Magazine

Maung Maung Gyi (Man) [History Researcher]

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Haji Lu @ Noorudin, (1859-42) first Quran translator into Burmese

Haji Lu @ Noorudin, (1859-42) first Quran translator into Burmese


SOURCE: Mandalay Prophet’s day Diamond Jubilee Magazine

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Who lives and who dies? Should Poor citizens and foreigners just let die by kicking out of the hospitals?

Who lives and who dies?

Should Poor citizens and foreigners just let die by kicking out of the hospitals? 

One Burmese Illegal Foreign worker named Ko Ko Oo, from the ‘rich businessmen’s club’ in KL was repeatedly referred by me for the Myocardial Infarct and later its complications. HKL treated him for emergency and told him to go back for treatment in Myanmar. But his condition did not allow him to take a flight or take the long tough journey home.

He died on HKL ONLY 20 DAYS from the first day of referral. He was discharged THREE TIMES and ADMITTED THREE TIMES. 

Whether legal or illegal, he was working for Malaysian company which is paying tax to the government. If legal he might had given LEVIES. Gov is collecting BILLIONS of levies.

Although we could not blame anyone, government of Malaysia and Myanmar as well as the very rich employer and HKL for his death, HKL is GUILTY of discharging THREE TIMES in less than TWENTY DAYS. After 3rd. admission on the 20th. day he died in HKL.

Note: HKL is charging three times first class fees to foreigners and always dump them in third class. And they used to tell the foreign patients to go back home or postpone frequently their procedures and heartlessly tell the patients that they have to give priority to their citizens. We could accept the fact but telling undiplomentically or rudely or point-blank straight forward is HEARTLESS!

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The fallacy of Myanmar military unity

The fallacy of Myanmar military unity

Extracts taken and Burmanized from Suflan Shamsuddin’s article in M Insider

They say that_

  1. when a stick is on its own, it can be broken.
  2. But when many sticks are bound together, they become strong and unbreakable.
  • So for Myanmar military personals or Bamars to be strong and unbreakable they must unite.
  • For if not, then the Non- military or others Ethnic Minorities, Religious Minorities and all those who wish to undermine the Myanmar military and Burmese -Buddhists, will break them.
  • This is what SPDC Generals and others like them peddle to the Myanmar military.
  • What a load of hogwash!

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Agoraphobic Myanmar Military Generals

Agoraphobic Myanmar Military Generals

Extracts taken and Burmanized from JOSH HONG’s article in MKini

speakers coner hyde park 021105Multi-use spaces, serve a vitally important societal function in that they make it possible for a plurality of people to exercise their cherished rights of speech and assembly. Politics aside, these places also manifest democratic values by allowing street musicians, punks, skateboarders and the homeless to meet one another. They are nothing less than an agent of democracy.
London’s Hyde Park is one such place. The Speaker’s Corner is best known as the cradle of free speech, although one may find those who gather there these days are mostly religious bigots (both Muslims and Christians, plus pockets of others such as Falun Gong followers and Scientologists) or ardent republicans calling for the Queen and her family to pack up and move, rather than die-hard socialists warning against a return of Thatcherism.

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Nato troops fight, bombed and killed four Afghan soldiers

Nato troops fight, bombed and killed four Afghan soldiers

GHAZNI, Jan 30 — Nato troops clashed with their Afghan army allies and called in air strikes, killing four Afghan soldiers and wounding six, Afghan provincial officials said today.

Shahedullah Shahed, spokesman for the governor of Wardak province southwest of Kabul, said foreign forces and Afghan troops were both conducting operations last night in the province when they started shooting at each other.

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Myanmar SPDC Than Shwe’s cousin brother Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa police raid opposition candidate’s office

Myanmar SPDC Than Shwe’s cousin brother

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s

police raid opposition candidate’s office

COLOMBO, Jan 29 – Sri Lankan police raided the office of losing presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka on Friday, an aide said, two days after troops had surrounded him inside a hotel on suspicion he was plotting a coup.

Fonseka lost Tuesday’s election to incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa by 1.8 million votes, after a bruising campaign with personal attacks by both, who last May stood together in victory over the Tamil Tiger separatists after a 25-year war.

“The police Special Task Force broke into the office of Sarath Fonseka,” aide Asanka Magedara told Reuters.

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India to host dialogue between Islam, Eastern religions

India to host dialogue between Islam, Eastern religions

NEW DELHI, Jan 29 – India’s national capital, Delhi, will host an international conference to initiate a dialogue between Islam and Eastern religions next month, Iran’s IRNA news agency reported.

The first of its kind dialogue will be inaugurated by Vice President of India Hamid Ansari.

The conference will be held from Feb 20 to 21 at Jamia Millia’s Ansari Auditorium, announced Zafarul-Islam Khan, Chief Organiser at a press conference held at the Press Club of India here.

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Reuters:Heckler fails to ruffle Blair’s lawyerly calm

LONDON (Reuters) – A heckler shattered the calm when former Prime Minister Tony Blair told Britain’s Iraq War inquiry that he had no regrets over the ousting of Saddam Hussein in the U.S.-led invasion of 2003.


Malaysian Muslim leader between Buddhist Monks and other religious leaders

Malaysian Muslim leader posing with the Muslim and Non-Muslim leaders during the 'Marhabbah' session in Kota Baru today. - Picture by Rizal Tahir

Thailand issues residential permits to Burmese migrant children

Thailand issues residential permits to Burmese migrant children

Mizzima: The face of Burma’s non-violent resistance

Mizzima: The face of Burma’s non-violent resistance

A new documentary by two Canadian filmmakers highlights the continuing, non-violent resistance to Burma’s dictatorial regime by political and humanitarian activists who do so at great risk.

The film, Breaking the Silence: Burma’s Resistance, was shown for the first time to an English-speaking audience at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) in Bangkok on January 22nd. The 75-minute film had previously been screened in a French language version late last year in Canada.

Filmmakers Pierre Mignault and Hélène Magny had previously filmed in Burma in 1999 while producing a documentary on Buddhism in the country. The trip allowed them to see first-hand the situation within the country and the plight of its people.

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