Nowhere to Turn

Nowhere to Turn

A woman in leda refugee camp, one of the offcial camps in Cox’s Bazar. (Photo: ALEX ELLGEE)

Many homeless Rohingya prefer hunger in a hostile land to life in Burma

I’ve lost everything in my life and now I can only pray that I don’t get sent back to Burma,” said Haziqah, a 27-year-old Rohingya resident of the unofficial Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh.

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At the edge of a country that can never be entered again

At the edge of a country that can never be entered again

STANDING on the banks of the Moei River bordering Burma, Kyaw Somoe is as close as he will ever get to his homeland.

Standing a river’s breadth from his former country is not easy for Kyaw. It pains him to see that the suffering he left behind for a life in Melbourne nearly two decades ago continues in Burma.

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Hlwan Moe in Myanmar TV 1984 “Moe Set Tin Lay”

Hlwan Moe on MRTV 1984

Burmese Laughable Dramas in Myanmar TV Part 1

How to crack secure cell phone calls

How to crack secure cell phone calls

A German security expert has raised the ire of the cell phone industry after he and a group of researchers posted online a how-to guide for cracking the encryption that keeps the calls of billions of cell phone users secret.

Karsten Nohl, 28, told The Associated Press this week that he, working with others online and around the world, created a codebook containing how to get past the GSM standard encryption used to keep conversations on more than 3 billion mobile phones safe from prying ears.

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Age old trick, Bangkok gem scam

Age old trick, Bangkok gem scam

Despite numerous reports on the infamous Bangkok gem scams, many unsuspecting Malaysians, lured by the sparkling gem stones or sheer greed, are losing tens of thousands of ringgit to such scams.

In the latest incidents, a family on tour here lost 130,000 baht (RM13,000)while an executive with Malaysia’s oil firm, Petronas, spent 88,000 baht (RM8,800) on poor quality gems.

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Washington Wizards Basketballers drew guns on each other

Washington Wizards Basketballers drew guns on each other

Washington Wizards' Javaris Crittenton

Gilbert Arenas

Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton reportedly drew guns on each other during a locker-room argument over a gambling debt.

Law enforcement is investigating the presence of weapons in the locker room, and the NBA is not taking action now.

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Reuters:Technology not as advanced by 2010 as some had hoped

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Despite iPods, genetic sequencing, the Internet and Twitter, nearly a third of Americans said they thought there would be more technological advances by the year 2010.


Reuters:Bolt reminds the world why sport means so much to so many

LONDON (Reuters) – Amid the soaring triumphs and tawdry scandals underscoring the first decade of the new millennium, Usain Bolt reminded the world why sport captivates and exalts so many people.


BBC:Late-night teens ‘face greater depression risk’

Going to bed earlier protects teenagers against depression and suicidal thoughts, research suggests.

A US study of 12 to 18-year-olds found those with bedtimes after midnight were 24% more likely to have depression than those who went to bed before 2200.


Kareena Kapoor falls in love with an idiot, Aamir Khan

Kareena Kapoor falls in love with an idiot, Aamir Khan

Kareena Kapoor wild with Aamir Khan pic Daily Chilli

At 44, Bollywood hottie Aamir Khan can still pull it off as a chief prankster in 3 Idiots. What’s more, he got two hilarious sidekicks, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi to help him deliver the comic punchlines. Plus, a super sexy onscreen girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor to spice things up in the comedy.

3 Idiots has broken the opening day record in India, set previously by Aamir’s own action thriller, Ghajini.

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South Korean model Daul Kim found dead in Paris

South Korean model Daul Kim found dead in Paris

PARIS, Nov 20 — South Korean model Daul Kim was found hanged in her Paris apartment yesterday, a spokeswoman for the city prosecutor’s office said.

Police were investigating the cause of the 20-year-old’s death and said it was most likely that she committed suicide, the prosecutor’s spokeswoman told Reuters today.

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Buying hot art with hot money?

Buying hot art with hot money?

Growing affluence amongst Asians have resulted in growing investment in art especially those by the Modern Masters like Picasso. - Reuters pic

SINGAPORE, Jan 2 — Savvy investors will probably tell you that if you did not buy into the hot equities, property or gold markets in 2009, you missed the investment boat — for now anyway.

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