Why Taxed us multiple times for one income?

Why Taxed us multiple times for one income?

Comment: Middle income group had given taxes accordingly on our income. If want to tax GST, reduce our income tax. Even buying our houses or for our children’s PRIVATE expensive education, we pay FULL without any discount or help from the government. When we buy car, we paid for APs, Import duties, Sales tax and because we buy with Hire Purchase, gov took nearly 30% of the profit we paid to Banks and Insurance companies.

Now you want to impose GST??? Then reduce other taxes!!!

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South Korea court says no divorce for sexless marriage

SEOUL, Jan 6 — South Korean couples cannot end their marriage because one partner has refused to have sex with the other for years, according to a Supreme Court ruling released to local media today.

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Israegypt police clash with Gaza relief convoy members

Israegypt police clash with Gaza relief convoy members


A convoy from pro-Palestinian organisation Viva Palestina, led by independent British Member of Parliament George Galloway, disembarks from an airplane upon arriving from Syria at El-Arish airport, 344 km northeast of Cairo. - Reuters pic

Comment: OIC and other Muslim leaders should punish the Egypt leaders for this UNISLAMIC-PROJEWISH action.



ARISH, Egypt, Jan 6 — Egyptian security forces clashed today with members of a convoy led by left-wing British politician George Galloway trying to take relief supplies to Palestinians in the Gaza strip. Continue reading

Singapore, don’t put all your bets on resorts for a rebound

SINGAPORE, Jan 6 — Anyone reading about the outlook for Singapore’s economy this year would be forgiven for thinking that growth hinges on the integrated resorts (IR).

The buzz surrounding Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa has intensified recently, as the resorts gear up for their big openings while Singapore readies itself for a robust 2010 recovery.


M.Kini, Suaram: Halt repatriation of 17 refugees

M.Kini, Suaram: Halt repatriation of 17 refugees

NONEHuman rights NGO Suaram has urged the government to stop the repatriation of some 17 Sri Lankan ‘asylum seekers and refugees’, who claim to fear persecution in their home country.

In a statement today, Suaram coordinator Temme Lee said Malaysia is planning to deport the group over two days from Thursday.

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