I will not hesitate to fight back my bosses but always kind, fair and never bully my staff

I will not hesitate to fight back my bosses but always kind, fair and never bully my staff

Im I anarchists?NONE

Shelley has touched on its ideals in this poem:

“The man
Of virtuous soul commands not, nor obeys:
Power, like a desolating pestilence,
Pollutes whatever it touches, and obedience,
Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
Makes slaves of men, and, of the human frame,
A mechanised automaton.”

Anarchists place a high premium on liberty.

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Newspapers en route to doom, warns journalists’ union


Have newspapers lost their relevance in shaping public opinion on key issues affecting the nation and public?

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Microsoft, HP to unveil new tablet

LAS VEGAS, Jan 7 — Microsoft Corp and Hewlett-Packard Co will unveil a new tablet computer at the CES, sources said, beating Apple Inc’s hotly anticipated move into the market.


Motorola to sell ‘inside-out’ phone

LAS VEGAS, Jan 7 — Motorola Inc said it will sell a new “inside-out” Android flip-phone with a keyboard and display on the outside, and is considering joining the latest craze for tablet computing devices.


US firm sues China, PC makers over ‘Green Dam’

SHANGHAI, Jan 7 — A US software maker is suing China, several major PC makers and two Chinese software makers for US$2.2 billion (RM7.5 billion), accusing them of using stolen code in controversial Web filtering software that drew global criticism last year.


Breaking up the digital fishbowl is quite hard

Breaking up the digital fishbowl is quite hard

NEW YORK, Jan 7 — There is a scene in the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” in which Mary, played by Drew Barrymore, laments the numerous technological ways she is being rebuffed by a potential beau. E-mail. Text messages. MySpace. “It’s exhausting,” she complains.

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Star: Ten criteria to becoming a modern Chinese woman

Star: Ten criteria to becoming a modern Chinese woman

Women from China must meet 10 criteria including knowing how to tackle the “mistress” problem in order to qualify as modern women, China Press reported.

According to an Internet report,

  1. women must know how to dress up and take care of their looks.
  2. They must have computer knowledge and be able to clean viruses from computers, it reported.
  3. “Women must be able to afford a high-end car and a house.
  4. They must also cook for their partners and do the house chores,” it said.
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Star Doc: Check Medical schools out before enrolling

Star Doc: Check Medical schools out before enrolling

PETALING JAYA: Future doctors should do their homework before deciding on an institution to enrol in.

Malaysian Medical Assoc­iation deputy secretary Dr Kuljit Singh said that with good results and financial backing, it was easy to obtain a place in many medical institutions.

As such, students and parents should look at the institution’s clinical facilities and venue for clinical training as well as evaluate its lecturers.

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Xenophbic Malaysia to screen all foreigners for security

Xenophbic Malaysia to screen all foreigners for ‘security’

Actually all the Malaysian Civil Servants, Enforcement Officers and Politicians should be screened for CORRUPTION.

Foreigners are like tigers (no wood after tiger). They are easily visible. Tiger bitten wounds are obvious. Easy to kill or catch tigers.

After all you all could even make money from tigers by eating their flesh, sell the skin, bone and organs. (Ask your former Immigration DG, his deputy and RELA members, how much Foreigners were paying them?) Anyway Levies, Income Taxes, various visa fees and Triple charges for treatment at gov hospitals are official income you got.

Corruption is like the WHITE ANTS that are eating the whole Malaysia. You cannot notice from far away. Just see the beautiful tall progressive structures. See how many buildings in Trg. collapsed? Schools, Labs Elevated high ways and Hospitals are PHYSICALLY collapsed. Your moral structure eaten by White Ants is not visible but could harm the whole country.

And FYI, in recent history, no foreigner had come into your country to bomb. But all of us know who Noordin MatTop is. Your countryman notoriously went to commit terrorism in Indonesia.

Don’t just copy the USA’s tightening the screening of foreigners but copy their act of granting Asylum to the migrants from all over th world.  

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History repeats itself for high class prostitutes of Egypt

Royal class prostitute Queen Cleopatra pic. from beaut.ie/blog/?cat=41

 President Class Prostitute of Egypt

Malaysia opened the Pandora’s box with 1Malaysia Clinics sans doctors

Malaysia opened the Pandora’s box with

1Malaysia Clinics sans doctors

When there are no docters in 1 Clinics, why need to answer this Q?

Present PM is seems to be more stronger, powerful and determined to the Former PM TDM.


TDM failed to overrule the MMC’s opposing of setting up Eye Hospital in Lankawi with he use of RUSSIA Eye doctors.

Now the door of the Pandora’s box is opened. All the welfare organizations, coperations, factories would follow this noble concept of  Clinics sans doctors to serve the poor and their workers.

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Tiger Out of the Woods just before the Chinese New Year of Tiger

Tiger Out of the Woods just before the Chinese New Year of  Tiger

SINGAPORE, Jan 7 — It’s not easy being a Tiger. No, not the golfer, the airline.

Tiger Airways has been navigating a firestorm of negative press, especially from Australia, in the lead-up to its much-anticipated initial public offer (IPO).

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