Please don’t sell Islam for politics

Please don’t sell Islam for politics

After all these people are doing all these atrocities just to score political mileage only but at the same time they are damaging not only the image of Islam but they are putting other fellow Minority Muslims around the world at risk.

We should remember that the end result of twin tower bombing is the invasion of Muslim countries and systemic religious discrimination and suppression of Muslims in USA, Europe and many countries. Taliban’s bombing of two ancient statues of the Buddha at Bamiyan was used as an excuse in the anti-Muslim Riots in Myanmar and resulted in destroying of few dozens of mosques.

 It is a shame that most of the Malay Muslim leaders not only ignored the act but some of them try to help cover up the news for their economic interest in Myanmar. You all care about Bosnians and Arabs only. If Minority Muslims in China, India, Russia and Myanmar suffer, you all shamelessly used to keep quiet. If you just search the UNGA news on 24th. of December in last few years, you could find how your government is supporting the Myanmar Junta’s atrocities and Human Right Violations on Myanmar Muslims.

I am requesting our Malay Muslim brothers for the understanding to the plight of Muslim Minorities around the world who could face the revenge attacks because of their action here.

Malaysia could count for the reciprocal favour of protection at UN and international diplomatic arena from Myanmar Junta and Sri Lanka led nonaligned governments, fellow ASEANS and OIC members.

After all Malaysia had protected Myanmar Military Junta against Human Right abuses on Muslims of Myanmar including the destroying of Mosques and Qurans.

Malaysia had also protected war crimes and Human Right Violations against Tamil Rebels by the Sri Lankan government.

Birds of the (same) feather not only flock together but must protect each other, whether right or wrong.

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