‘Syiok’ waves effective for men could be good on Ischaemic Heart’s vessels

‘Syiok’ waves effective for men could be good on Ischaemic Heart’s vessels

Firing shock waves into the body could be a radical new way to boost the love lives of men with erection problems.

The pain-free therapy boosts performance by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in the genital area.

A small trial involving 20 men who were taking Viagra or similar drugs for impotence problems was so successful that, by the end of the experiment, 15 of them were able to throw their pills away.

None of the volunteers reported any pain or side-effects from the treatment.

The radical new therapy, which is on trial in Israel, uses a very mild form of lithotripsy, a technique developed more than 20 years ago for the treatment of kidney stones.

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Next Google phone to target BlackBerry

LAS VEGAS, Jan 10 — Google Inc executive Andy Rubin said that the next version of the Nexus One phone, which was made by HTC Corp, will be for enterprise users and might have a physical keyboard.


Politician’s tweets cause stir in India

NEW DELHI, Jan 10 — It seemed an innocent enough question, posed by an Indian on vacation recently in the palace-studded region of Rajasthan. Should the Indian government make it more difficult for tourists to visit the country’s glorious sights by tightening visa requirements in the name of preventing terrorism?


1 Malaysia 1 Clinic 0 Doctor -7.5 UNHCR Refugees -15 Foreigners

1 Malaysia 1 Clinic 0 Doctor -7.5 UNHCR Refugees -15 Foreigners

We should named those clinics according to the real status and charges imposed: 1 Malaysia 1 Clinic 0 Doctor -7.5 UNHCR Refugees -15 Foreigners Your government is recently disclosing various discrimination policies on foreigners to show off that they are the champions of Malaysian citizens especially Malays. After charging x15 times, if these clinics give proper treatment like others it is quite OK even if they wish to charge for the medication again. But if they just say, you are foreigners, not entitled to get vaccinations and the necessary medication, go to the private clinics, it is unfair. I hope and pray that the whole world would retaliate by imposing higher fees on all the Malaysians abroad. British government should start with the postponed Visa application fees for all Malaysians. After all even Saudi government is charging Visa fees to all the Muslims.

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