MKini: Ensure quality at 1Malaysia clinics

MKini: Ensure quality at 1Malaysia clinics

The government’s decision to set up 1Malaysia clinics to serve the urban poor is a laudable one that would be most welcome especially by those in the lower income group.

Like in other countries, urban poverty has now become a major issue, which the government needs to address.

More planning and funds need to be channeled to provide for the basic needs of this group of citizens who are major contributors to the development of the nation. Neglecting them will only lead to many social ills in cities and major towns.

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IBM introduces ‘cloud computing’ in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, Jan 18 — IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd has introduced it’s latest business driven and workload centric “cloud computing” offerings in Malaysia.Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services in the information technology (IT) sector through the internet.

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A lifelong French citizen? Prove it

PARIS, Jan 18 — In hundreds of often raucous hearings across the nation over the last three months, the French have been debating what it means to beFrench.Many people who have always considered themselves to be French say it means having to prove it — again and again.


Thosai — the taste of Indian unity

NEW DELHI, Jan 18 — For decades, southerners in India were seen as remote cousins in a nation dominated by the Hindi-speaking heartland in the north, also sometimes referred to as the “cow belt”.

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Latest gadgets take a load off handbags

LONDON, Jan 18 — Technological advances have led to a sharp fall in the weight of women’s handbags, research from British department store chain Debenhams has revealed.Women’s handbags now weigh an average of 1.5kg, 57 per cent less than the average of two years ago, Debenhams said last week.

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