Reuters:Team finds potential path for hepatitis C drugs

The team discovered activity within a key protein of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) essential for the virus to reproduce, they reported in the online journal Science Translational Medicine.

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Hackers could do worse than just steal codes

MOUNTAIN VIEW (California), Jan 21 — The crown jewels of Google, Cisco Systems or any other technology company are the millions of lines of programming instructions, known as source code, that make its products run.

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Former Tiananmen student leader jailed 9 years

HONG KONG, Jan 21 — A former Chinese dissident leader who was handed over to Chinese police by authorities in Hong Kong has been jailed for nine years, a human rights group said.

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Muslim-Christian clashes kill 460 in Nigerian city

JOS (Nigeria), Jan 21 — The death toll after four days of clashes between Muslim and Christian gangs in the Nigerian city of Jos and nearby communities has topped 460, according to a mosque official and human rights activists.