Mulla Ali @ U Maung Maung Latt (Harp) (in Burmese)

Mulla Ali @ U Maung Maung Latt (Harp) (in Burmese)

SOURCE: Mandalay Prophet’s day Diamond Jubilee Magazine

I wonder, may be he was the one who was the teacher of Mar Mar Aye, the most famous Burmese singer . She mentioned in an interview that U Ali was her teacher.

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List of Masjids in Mandalay (in English)

List of Masjids in Mandalay

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West Kone Yoe Central Mosque in Mandalay

A Mosque in Mandalay

List of Masjids in Mandalay.[1]During Pagan Min reign, Mindon Prince and brother Ka Naung Prince run away with their servants to Shwe Bo and started a rebellion. U Bo and U Yuet were the two Muslims who accompanied the princes. Some Kala Pyo Burmese Muslim artillery soldiers followed them.[2]

In the Royal Defence Army, many Cannon-crew members were Kindar Kala Pyos and Myedu Muslims.[3] Captain Min Htin Min Yazar’s 400 Muslims participated to clear the land for building a new Mandalay city. Kabul Maulavi was appointed an Islamic Judge by King Mindon to decide according to the Islamic rules and customs on Muslim affairs. Burmese Muslms were given specific quarters to settle in the new city of Mandalay[4] King Mindon donated his palace teak pillars to build a mosque at North Obo in central Mandalay. His Majesty also permitted a mosque to be built on the granted site for the Panthays (Burmese Chinese Muslims.[5] Photos of Mandalay Panthay mosque. [1] Inside the Palace wall, for the Royal Body Guards, King Mindon himself donated and started the building of the Mosque by laying the Gold foundation at the South-eastern part of the Palace located near the present Independent Monument. This Mosque was called the Shwe Pannet Mosque. That mosque was destroyed by the British to build the Polo playground. The King donated the rest house in Mecca for his Muslim subjects performing Hajj.

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