Diplomat investigated in hit-and-run case suspended

Diplomat investigated in hit-and-run case suspended

SINGAPORE, Feb 5 — The Romanian diplomat who is a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run accident in Singapore has been suspended from his duties by Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The announcement was made by the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry yesterday morning, and it comes after reports said Dr Silviu Ionescu had been charged with manslaughter by Romanian authorities two days ago.

Romanian media reports, quoting the general prosecutor’s office, said Dr Ionescu faces three charges for manslaughter, for fleeing the scene and for giving false statements.

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Saya Nyi Nyi (in Burmese)

Saya Nyi Nyi (in Burmese)

SOURCE: Mandalay Prophet’s day Diamond Jubilee Magazine

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Shwe Kyar Tin Maung, boxing champion (in Burmese)

Shwe Kyar Tin Maung, boxing champion (in Burmese)

SOURCE: Mandalay Prophet’s day Diamond Jubilee Magazine

Be ethical when blogging only but for MSM every thing is OK ?

Be ethical when blogging only but for MSM every thing is OK ?

Pic source Wiki

I am apolitical in Malaysian politics.

I love, respect and look up at ALL the Malaysian leaders. In 1998, I was praying for Burma to get the capable team of leaders like TDM (not Tun yet) and DSAI as PM and DPM. I was shocked and sad but I understand that I must stay neutral. The MSM, NST Chief Editor KJ’s (Not the famous SIL) article about Enterobius vermicularis, had a very negative effect on me; I hate that editor and NST up to now. Never read his articles and stop subscription to that paper.

I know, every editor (or blogger) should know which side of the bread is buttered. But sometimes MSM overdone. It is too much, shameless, unethical and not fair. Note: I am not taking side or supporting any party in both S1 and S2 cases.

Allah knows the best. It is not for me to decide or take side. I am just responding to this one-sided warning to bloggers.

Pot calling the kettle black?

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Reuters:Pluto turning brighter and redder, pictures show

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Pluto is turning brighter and redder as its 248-year-long rotation around the sun changes its seasons, NASA reported on Thursday.

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Reuters:Jackson doctor negotiating surrender -lawyers

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Lawyers for Michael Jackson’s doctor said on Thursday they were negotiating his surrender to Los Angeles authorities, amid media reports he could face an involuntary manslaughter charge within a day.

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Reuters:Google, NSA to team up in cyberattack probe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Internet search firm Google is finalizing a deal that would let the National Security Agency help it investigate a corporate espionage attack that may have originated in China, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

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