Saya Gyi U Nu

Saya Gyi U Nu

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In this Burmese name, U is an honorific.

U Nu (Burmese: ဦးနု; IPA: [ú nṵ]; otherwise known as Saya Gyi U Nu; 17th. July 1762 – 1822) was a leading Burmese Muslim writer during the reign of King Bodawpaya (Born Maung Shwe Waing and later known also known as Badon Min was titled Hsinbyumyashin (Lord of the White Elephants) (1782-1819). [1] [2]. He combined words and terms from Burmese religious literature with poetic writing and Islamic ideas to produce books which are regarded as classics of Burmese Muslim literature. [3][4] Bodawpaya appointed him as the head of a mission to India to retrieve books and scriptures in Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, and Persian. [5][6] Later, Saya Gyi U Nu was appointed as the Mayor of Yammar Wati (Ramree Island/township or Yambye Island) with the title of Shwe Taung Tharga Thu.[7][8][9][10] Shwe Taung Tharga Thu means Hero of the Ocean. [11]

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If this e-mail is correct US should just release this Prisoner No. 650 of FBI

If this e-mail is correct US should just release this Prisoner No. 650 of FBI

We can do a lot and have faith in ourselves, we should spread to all Muslim world this shocking information. 
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