Time for a movement trying to abolish the “Atta” or I, we or us against them or minority races and religious groups

Time for a movement trying to abolish the “Atta”
or I, we or us against them or minority races and religious groups

Actually Burma started its Ultra-Nationalist movement in 1920 and brought up the fear of losing their RACE, RELIGION AND LANGUAGE on and off for numerous times by the successive Military Leaders starting from General Ne Win, General Khin Nyunt etc to create anti-Muslim riots.

Although present SPDC Generals are more farsighted and avoid using racial card on Myanmar Muslims, lower ranking military officers, almost all the government servants, ordinary Myanmar citizens and even the opposition leaders in and outside Myanmar were BRAINWASHED with the Mahar Bama, Maha Buddhism that they all think, talk and act like they are above the other minority ethnic races and minority religious groups. They wrongly think they are the only original rightful owners of Myanmar and they have the RIGHTS to lord over races and religious groups.

Actually it is the time for the true National Reconciliation, to accept all the citizens of various races and religious groups as equal partners to rebuild our beloved country to our past glorious state.

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Govt moves to raise salaries and phase out foreigners

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 22 — A new wage policy set to be announced soon will see the end of the road for Nepalese and Indonesian security guards, as the government steps up efforts to increase wages for various industries which have been over-dependent on foreign workers.

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Facebook buys Malaysian start-up

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 – Social networking giant Facebook acquired Malaysian Internet start-up, Octazen, for an undisclosed sum last week.

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Reuters:Defiant at 86, Mugabe may try to prolong his rule

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 86th birthday on Sunday, still in office three decades after independence, with analysts suggesting he may cling to power for the rest of his life despite dividing the country during his long rule.

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The Star:Government may allow refugees to work

PUTRAJAYA: The government is considering allowing the 80,000-odd refugees to work in the country.The Home Ministry and Wisma Putra are expected to discuss the issue following calls from many sectors asking the government to allow the group to work here while waiting to be resettled in third countries.

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