RFA: Burma news

 RFA: Burma news

Envoy Seeks War Crimes Probe


A special U.N. rapporteur wants Burma called to account.

New Law ‘Shameful’


Burma’s pro-democracy leader takes aim at a new law, as a U.S. report slams the country on human rights.

UN Urged To Protect Rohingya


A health and human rights group highlights abuses against ethnic Rohingya asylum-seekers.

Tribunal Calls for Criminal Court


Burmese abuses prompt a call for international prosecutions.

Opposition Leader Describes Jail


A Burmese opposition leader releases his memoirs.

Tensions Rise in Wa Region


Burma’s secretive junta tells staff to leave.

Activist Returns from Burma


A U.S. citizen is released from six months in jail.

Child Soldier Released


Burma’s Army frees a child soldier, but countless more remain under arms.


Buddhist pilgrims face interrogation at a famous Burmese holy site.

Oscar Nod May Aid Awareness


Will an Academy Award nomination for a film about Burma make the world care about abuses in this tiny country?

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