MKini: Matthais Chang ends hunger strike

matthias chang ian chin interview 130608 02Lawyer Matthias Chang today agreed to end his hunger strike following a plea from his ex-boss, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

According to a spokesman from Mahathir’s office, the former prime minister, in his appeal to Chang, told the latter that he needed to end his fast as they had a lot of struggle ahead of them.

He said they needed him to continue with his struggle for justice for the Palestinians and Iraqis.
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MInsider: Asean pressed Myanmar leaders for free, fair election

HANOI, April 9 — Southeast Asian leaders have urged Myanmar’s ruling junta to hold fair elections that include all parties, Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said today.

Dung said he conveyed that message on a visit to Myanmar days before the leaders of Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which includes Myanmar, met in Hanoi yesterday and today for an annual summit.

“I, myself, as the chair of Asean, also forwarded to the government and people of Myanmar Asean’s message; that is, we hope to see Myanmar implementing effectively the roadmap for democratisation, for peace and national concord,” Dung told a news conference through a translator.

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MInsider: Australia suspends Sri Lankan, Afghan asylum claims

CANBERRA, April 9 — Australia will immediately suspend the processing of new asylum claims from people from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka as part of a raft of moves announced today to combat people smuggling to Australia.

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