Police ‘dragging feet’ on death of migrant worker

Richard Loo Wai Hoong
Jul 26, 10


The family of deceased migrant restaurant worker Abdul Hameed Rahim, who died under suspicious circumstances, are crying foul over ‘slow police investigations’ that have delayed his burial.

NONEThey are also seeking a second autopsy to independently establish the cause of death, but have to wait until the police probe is over before they are allowed access to the remains.

The police have held Abdul Hameed’s body at the Serdang Hospital since July 12.

NONEThey have classified his case as one of ‘sudden death’, according to the autopsy report, due to ‘multiple fractures secondary to fall’.

The family is challenging the initial findings, suspecting foul play by Abdul Hameed’s employer who runs an Indian Muslim restaurant in Taman Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking to reporters outside the hospital mortuary today, Abdul Hameed’s brother-in-law Mohameed Abdul Kader (left) urged the police to expedite the probe so that the family can claim the body.

He also urged the police to look into allegations that Abdul Hameed may have been a victim of ill-treatment by his employer.

“He had been telling me that his employer has not been treating him well, and has not renewed his working permit for the past three years,” said Mohameed.

‘Ill-treated by boss’

He also ruled out suicide, saying: “Abdul Hameed called me on the night of his death telling me he wanted to return to his wife and daughter in India, but that he was fearful of his employer.

“When I tried to contact Abdul Hameed’s employer, he avoided me. However, he finally called me and said that he refused to send him back to India, before disconnecting the call.”

Four days later, Mohameed received a call from relatives in India bringing news of Abdul Hameed’s death.

NONEMohameed’s lawyer M Manoharan (right) said the police should speed up the probe because, according to Muslim tradition, the dead must be buried as soon as possible.

“I have written to the IGP and OCPD over the matter as the family’s lawyer, but to no avail. So if no further action is taken, we will file a lawsuit against the police,” Manoharan said.

He also questioned why Abdul Hameed’s body had been taken to Serdang Hospital when there were other hospitals nearer to the place where he was found dead.

On July 20, Mohameed had lodged a police report against an investigating offer at the Brickfields district police station over the snail’s pace of the probe.

Brickfields police chief Wan Abdul Bari Wan Rahim declined to comment when contacted later.

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