Burma Election Lacks Credibility, Says the US

With the 7 November 2010 Burmese general elections in sight, the oppressive Burmese military regime has increased restrictions on the rights of assembly for political candidates.

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Myanmar’s Suu Kyi calls for close watch on election: lawyer

YANGON — Detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi wants the Myanmar people to keep a close watch on upcoming elections and speak out if the vote is not free and fair, her lawyer said Tuesday.

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Burmese women’s legs in the media


In July, authorities in Myanmar suspended Popular Journal for a week after it repeatedly published racy pictures of models, like these two, on its centre spread:


Eurasiareview:How The CIA Bedded Down In Burma

By Joseph Allchin

“…in pursuit of the fundamental US goals of peace, democracy and reconciliation in Burma.”- US Congressional Statement, October 2009.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) chief was asked to come to the transmissions room in the US embassy in Rangoon. It was 1992 and Richard Horn had only recently been made DEA chief in what was then the world’s largest producer of heroin, Burma.


Bangkok Post:Top brass in Burma resign to run in poll

RANGOON:A major reshuffle by Burma’s ruling junta marks the biggest shift within the military in decades, with changes to more than 70 senior army officers’ positions, an officer said Saturday.


Myanmar opposition in disarray as polls approach


Should parents ‘friend’ their kids on Facebook?

NEW YORK, Aug 26 — To friend or not to friend is the big question facing many parents dealing with teenagers on Facebook.