Don’t Let Monitor Lizards (Phuts) Rule the Country

SPDC is planning to hold a sham election under their “Guided or Disciplined democracy”. They had already conspired “Lu_soe dwe_nae’ maung tain_pin” to transfer their ill-gotten governing rights of ruling Myanmar to their alter ego Kyant Phuts or USDA (Union Solidarity & Development Association).

Burmese people are not fools, deaf nor dumb as Burmese Army or Myanmar Tatmadaw assume. They are just trying to trick all of us by changing their uniform. Yes, they just want to give pension to their uniforms but keep their power in their own Mufti’s pocket. This old dirty trick was already played by their step-father General Ne Win. The Myanmar Tatmadaw’s real father General Aung San would never have tricked the people. But Myanmar Tatmadaw’s step-father General Ne Win had done it repeatedly by anouncing to transfer the power to civilian Government from the State Revolutionary Council. People’s short lived joy ended when the Revolutionary Council Chairman General Ne Win relinquished, resigned and transferred the power to a new civilian U Ne Win, himself, as the Prime Minister of the newly “elected (self-elected) Socialist Government”. Later when that Ne Win transferred the Prime Minister-ship to his subornates he became the Pressident. When President Ne Win relinquished that Presidency we all were eletated but later only found out the Socialist Party Chairman U Ne Win was pulling all the strings as a puppet master cum mastermind, copying his Godfather Chairman Mao of Communist China.

Shwe Ba’s “Burma Animal Farm” revisited

I have to admit that I had missed the Shwe Ba’s “Burma Animal Farm” when it was published last year. I have a taste of that satire only when Ko Tun Aung translated and asked me to edit it. I was interested and got some ideas to add. And Ko Shwe Ba also helped me with some more ideas. 

I am amazed by the behaviour of animals in Myanmar Animal Farm.” There are greedy animals which joined Myanmar Animal Socialist Party, Animal Kyant Phut, Animal Maternity Child Welfare Associations to get power, to get protection and to be rich. Look, if you were the friends and relatives of the Animal Military or the above Animal Associations, you could get land , given petrol permits, permits to buy various goods, contracts e.t.c. All are equal, but some are more equal than others. Many animals are descriminated depending on their skin colour, the corner of the Animal Firm they are born, their race, religion. Today, a handful of the cleverer animals are now running the farm while the others do all the work on the farm. The cleverer animals are given a special name so that you could recognise them from the normal animals. They are called Myanmar Animal Army and ex-Army animals; and many are Ministers, Directors, Managers supervisors e.t.c. above all the animals.. All the working animals are called Civilian Myanmar Animals. And the Myanmar Animal Army own all the wealth and monopolized all the permits and contracts of the farm.

Today, we can see the very rich Army Generals that got fat on the toil and sweat of the ordinary working Myanmar animals. Animal Junta Generals  are used to have the overdose of power and wealth that intoxicates and corrupts their animal soul. The Chief Boars used to get Rabies or some times Mad Cow’s disease and became megalomaniac.  But all the other animals dare not do anything about this because those animals dare to question or demonstrate are repeatedly mass slaughtered and already sold out their meat. Some of the animals are now suffering long term confinements in animal jails. So the rest  are all struggling with their miserable lives earning just to survive. The wheels of the economy are slowing down, earning power is less and cost of living is sky high but continues to rise daily so much that a lot of animals legally and illegally moved out of the farm to other farms. Some working and many illegally in other farms around the world.

Now some animals including me are hoping for a final assault which is comming soon. Most of the animals wish to avoid blood shed among the animals and are hoping for the Wild Boars and Pigs for repentance in time because the whole world’s animal political pressure.

If the SPDC Boar Junta failed to give way for the coalation Government led by the Fighting Peacock Princess, Burma Farm animals’ anger combined with the whole world animals pressure would annihilate all the Boars Generals. And it may not be a happy ending for the Boars Generals but anyway all the different animals of Burma Farm would happily live ever after that revolution.” 

This is the time to show our disapproval to the illegal rulers of our country. Showing our disapproval to SPDC and cohorts USDA is another option for us in civil disobedience campaign.

Philosopher-cum-thinker John Saul in his book, ‘The Unconscious Civilization’ wrote: “Conformism, loyalty and silence are so admired and rewarded.” Yes those keep quiet could be rewarded for their well behaviour or decorum. They could get some left-overs after the SPDC and cohorts USDA’s big feast. Hatred in our heart and mind is not very effective although it is better than loving to cooperate as the collaborators hoping to get a chance to lick the left over bones!

Nowadays the popular saying is “To walk the talk” but I hereby wish to state that “We need to walk our THOUGHTS”. We are already talking about starting a civil disobedience. We should plan and consider various methods as a “diversity of tactics”. To be effective, tactics must be carefully chosen, taking into account SPDC and cohorts USDA and Burmese political and cultural circumstances, and we need to plan different tactical approaches as part of a larger plan or strategy to overthrown them.

Nonviolence civil disobedience was good and gave some results to independence struggle during the colonial days. But we all know that Colonial Masters were gentlemen, respect the Human Rights and there was the Rule of Law then. SPDC and cohorts USDA thugs are inhumane, never respect Human Rights and they rule by the law of jungle. For the SPDC and cohorts USDA might is always right and power and law come out from the barrel of the gun only. Worse of all is even that the law of the jungle coming out of the SPDC and cohorts USDA’s guns are ever changing according to their whims and fancies.

Anyway I hereby wish to propose one method of civil disobedience to show our defiance to the SPDC and cohorts USDA. This is defined as material defiance under nonviolence civil disobedience.

A. Target the following persons and properties:

1.       SPDC army vehicles.

2.       Police cars.

3.       Kyant Phut and SPDC Government affiliated organizations’ vehicles.

4.       SPDC and cohorts USDA’s propaganda sign boards around the country.

B. What to do? Try to vandalize or deface or spoil or ruin or damage or dent or scratch or disfigure or mutilate or graze or sabotage them by any of the following means.

1.       Throw dirty water or mud.

2.       Throw old engine oil.

3.       Throw animal blood.

4.       Throw eggs, better if rotten.

5.       Throw tomato, better if rotten.

C. Those who are brave enough, target any SPDC soldier, police, Kyant Phut and do the above acts.

You can do it in the markets, on the roads in the town or on the rural roads or while they are guarding at the gate posts.

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. (Anais Nin)

So we all citizens of Burma should not just quietly let the iron grip of SPDC and cohorts USDA squeeze and crush us. Let free the democracy to blossom with our safe civil disobedience struggle. Now SPDC and cohorts USDA is attacking relentlessly on NLD and Ethnic Minorities. These SPDC thugs dared to attack Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD because they are strictly adhering to their non-violence methods.

After all SPDC and its altered ego USDA believed their stepfather Chairman Mao’s teaching that the power came out of the barrel of the gun. Non-poisonous snakes are not even respected by the children. If we are weak, we are always exposed to the exploitations of the bullies and thuds. See what SPDC and Kyant Phuts are doing on NLD leaders including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. We have to prepare and strengthen our-selves physically, intellectually, economically, socially, mentally, spiritually etc.

Actually power comes from within. If we all have confidence, self-respect, and if strongly believe that we are not a simple weak person, but we are brave willing to work hard and ready to sacrifice, one day will surely progress, there is definitely a very bright future of crowning with the success. Inner spiritual strength is more important and always guides the outer physical power. Even if we are weak physically, inner spiritual and mental strength and power will guide, train and convert it to become powerful. 

We must take some risk to get to our destination of Democratic Secular Federal Union of Burma.Even if you think my plan is some form of violence and could not accept, just read this great Philosopher’s thoughts:

“Tine_Pyi ko Phut_tet ma_khan Ne”

“Phut_tet_yin Pyi_pyet_myi”…….

            Our beloved country, Burma/Myanmar, will be  destroyed if and when USDA (Phut Party) come to power.

Don’t Let Monitor Lizards (Phuts) Rule the Country

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