Tamiflu may have prevented pneumonia in young adults


U Win Tin Speech on 22nd Anniversary NLD Founding Day (September 27, 2010)

Burmese Bright and Brave Student girl from London talks about election

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Wiki founder: M’sia should ditch press censorship

A co-founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia said on a visit to Malaysia today that the country should ditch censorship which is a damper on economic growth.

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The Star:Comprehensive foreign workers management system in the works


TANGKAK: The Government is planning to introduce a comprehensive foreign workers management system to ensure they receive proper care, remunerations, and other needs in the country.


‘Challenge Singapore’s facade democracy’

James Gomez
Sep 26, 10

Singapore’s façade democracy needs to be challenged if citizens want their political rights – this is what I took away from my one hour conversation with Tan Wah Piow at London Heathrow Airport on 19 September 2010.

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Angelina Jolie – support for Myanmar refugees in northern Thailand camp

Angelina Jolie – support for Myanmar refugees in northern Thailand camp

Myanmar refugees find hope in Thai garbage dump

Myanmar refugees find hope in Thai garbage dump

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From the SKY or Kaung Kin ဘံုဘံု အတြက္ ခ်စ္ေမတၱာ

Written by ႀကိဳး  

သရုပ္ေဖၚ ပန္းခ်ီထိန္လင္း ပန္းခ်ီကားအမည္ ေဖေဖ့အျပန္လမ္း ေထာင္လုံခ်ည္ေပၚ ေဆးထိုးအပ္ ကို သံုးေရးသည္။

ပါပါနမ္းခြင့္မရတဲ ့

ခ်စ္သမီးေလးရဲ ႔ပါးျပင္ဟာ

မနက္ခင္းပြင္ ့တဲ ့

ပန္းနွင္းဆီထက္ ပိုေမႊးမွာ….။

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Chosen e-mail:UMNO Youth, PAS Youths and Muslim NGOs should just start an anti-Swedish Brand day

Source: EMEL PILIHAN (=Chosen e-mail) UMNO Youth, PAS Youths and Muslim NGOs should just start an anti-Swedish Brand day 

“Humanitarian Mission Across Borders”

2-2A, Jalan GJ2 Batu 51/2 Jalan Gombak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 6188 3230   Fax: +60 3 6188 3233
Email: gpmhq@yahoo.com   Website: www.gpm.com.my

In 1920s during the Anti-Indian and Anti-Muslim activities to whip up the Nationalist spirit leading to the anti-British and anti-colonial activities, Buddhist monks were stationed in front of Muslim and Indian shops to stop Burmese-Buddhists from shopping there. The monks even whipped the Burmese ladies if they enter the Muslim or Indian shops.

Rohingya Genocide

Source_The Reflective Heart : Rohingya Genocide , Thoughts and Spiritual Scribblings by Azril Mohd Amin

Among the unjust borders that the western powers drew after World Wars I and II, the border between Arakan and South Thailand is among the cruelest. The Muslims of Rohingnya were cut off from the Malay Muslims of South Thailand, as well as the Muslims of Malaysia and Bangladesh

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Will general election in Burma change anything?

James Wong Wing-On
Sep 23, 10

The military junta in Burma has set Nov 7 as the day for the ‘general election’ in the military-ruled country in South-East Asia. It is also widely expected that the military junta will effectively remain in absolute power after the election as the opposition is in disarray and split into those who are willing to give the ‘election’ a try and those who have decided that it is too meaningless for it to be entertained.

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S’pore academic to lead Asean human rights study

A Singapore law professor from the Singapore Management University (SMU) will lead a research project to study the legal
framework supporting human rights in the 10 member-states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).
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Pemandu cracks whip over civil service

Aidila Razak & S Pathmawathy
Sep 21, 10


EXCLUSIVE Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Idris Jala may not be a politician, having been roped into the cabinet from an illustrious corporate career, but he sure knows how to evade a question.

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